The Ones I Love ...

About me? Not much to tell. I was born and raised
in Idaho and continue to make it my home.
I have two children ...
My daughter, a freshman in college ...

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and a grown son, who just became a first-time daddy (making me a proud grandma) ...

please go see the newest member of our family :)

who lives here, on the Oregon Coast.


I also have
a hopeless affection for animals and have two dogs:
The alpha dog in our home (or so she thinks <g>). A registered Keeshond, Keesha is 7 years old, and I got her when she was 6 weeks old. Very loyal. Very loving. Very protective. She's the "queen" here! She and my daughter fight like sisters! When I changed jobs and was not at home during the day, we decided to take a trip to the pound to get her a friend so she wouldn't be lonely. We came home with Sasha (below) and a kitten for my daughter. I'm not allowed to go to the Human Society any more  :)
~ Sasha ~


We rescued little Sasha (half Border Collie/half Black Lab, aka, a "pound puppy") from the local Humane Society, and she has been grateful ever since. She was about 5 months old, and is now 3 years old. She was abused as a tiny puppy and it took her awhile to warm up, but boy, when she did, did she ever!! We were put together for a reason. I, too, was adopted -- we have a lot in common -- parents who really wanted us and love us unconditionally. When Sasha looks into your eyes, she is truly saying "Thank you." Her and Keesha are good buds and seem to be able to find enough mischief to get into together to keep them both occupied during the day when we're not home! Sasha particularly likes to take the portable phone into the back yard. Waiting for a call I guess!!
I've heard that people who pet a dog each day live longer and happier lives. I will not debate that in the least. For I know the warm feeling I get when I pet my dogs. We're all happy! I believe it's true -- try it -- what have you got to lose?


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