Schattenjager O.C.C.

Written up by Kevin Lee
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Recently, I've getting myself frustrated over the computer game "The Beast Within" by Sierra. For those of you who havn't heard of the game or havn't played the original Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, the storyline involves a group of supernatural hunters called the Schattenjager. Well... anyhow I thought that the Schattenjagers would make a neat O.C.C. class. Here it is... any suggestions are welcome.

The Schattenjagers of Germany have been around for centuries tracing their heritage way before the time of the Rifts. Schattenjager in English is translated into "Shadow Hunter". And that is precicely what they do. If there is evil abound, their job is to hunt through the shadows and destroy it.

The title of Schattenjager is passed through generation after generation from father to son and ocassionally from father to daughter. Originally, in the Pre-Rifts era the Pantheon of light took pity upon the suffering humans of Europe. Plagued by Vampires, Were-beasts, and other supernatural evils, these people lived in constant fear. Finally, the the Pantheon interveined and bestowed special gifts upon one of the more prominant and god-fearing families in the area. The Ritters. For 3 Centuries the Ritters faught the darkness. Eventually, the Schattenjager title was passed down to an heir by the name of Gabriel Knight. And this has been the name of the Shattenjagers since then.

The gifts that were bestowed upon the Ritters were two very powerful instruments to be used against the forces of Evil. The first was the talisman. This talisman was supposed to protect the bearer from evil and give an edge over them. Upon it's face is the picture of a lion battling a giant snake.

The second gift was the ability to enchant daggers. This dagger is the preferred weapon of the Schattenjager. Early in their training, the Schattenjager chooses a dagger in which to use. Upon receiving their title, blade becomes a magical weapon perfect for destroying evil.
Attribute Requirement: None. The title of Schattenjager is generally passed down through family ties. Most Schattenjagers have the last name of Knight. People from other families may also become a Schattenjager, but they will never wear the Talisman unless the Ritter/Knight line dies out completely.
Alignment: ALWAYS either Principled or Scrupulous. Most are Scrupulous.
Character Bonuses: The Schattenjager is often well trained in the physical ways of fighting evil as well as the mystical ways. They receive the following bonuses: +1d6 P.P., +1d6 P.E., +1d6 M.E., +3d6 Spd., +1d6 M.A.,+2d4*10 1d10x10+P.E.x2 Schattenjager can learn magic and therefore can tap into ley lines and use techno-wizardry. 1d4x10+M.E. The Shattenjager is considered a Master Psychic.

Powers & Special Equipment:

  1. When one becomes a Schattenjager, they receive a few psionic abilities:
    Clairvoiance (No cost) - Automatic, in the form of dreams.
    Mind Block Auto-Defense (Special)
    Presence Sense (No cost) - Automatic, will get a watched feeling.
    Object Read (6)
    Sense Evil (No I.S.P. cost) - Automatic, will get a feeling in a general area.
    Summon Inner Strenth (4)
    Exorcism (10)
  2. The Schattenjager is familiar with spells and magic. Can pick up a few as they go along. Only ONE magic spell can be learned at the levels 2, 5, 9, and 14.
  3. Special Combat Against Supernatural Creatures: Often, when a Schattenjager combats supernatural demons, they are do not have enough in the way of armor to defend themselves. Fortunately, the Schattenjager have a way around this. Due to their inherent mystical nature, all supernatural attacks by supernatural beings only do damage. This does not include attacks done through runed items though. In addition to that, any weapon attacks can be treated as attacks in the hands of a Schattenjager if he/she is combating a supernatural evil.
  4. The Talisman: There is only ONE Talisman. Usually it is in the hands of the senior Schattenjager. Often the case is that there is only one Schattenjager living so this is usually not a problem. The Talisman is an artifact of great power. It's following powers are:
    - When worn by someone of good alignment, it gives the same bonuses as the super ability Karmic Power to the wearer when in proximity of supernatural evil.
    - When spotted by supernatural creatures, it is immediately identified as a source of great power. If evil, this power has the effect of giving a H.F. of 18. With vampires, it keeps them away similarly to a cross although without its damaging abilites.
    - When worn, the wearer cannot be cursed. This includes vampire's slow bite and any other magical curse. Of course if the Talisman is taken off, it's a different story.
    - When worn, the wearer cannot be possessed.
  5. The Schattenjager Blade: This is the preferred weapon of the Schattenjager. Each Schattenjager chooses their own blade to be enchanted and these special damages only work for that Schattenjager. The dagger does only 1d6 damage when anybody else uses it. It's following powers are:
    - Indestructible, and will always stay sharp.
    - Damage: To normal human beings, 3d6
    Supernatural creatures: 3d6
    Supernatural evil: 1d4*10
    Vampires & Splugorthtm: 2d4*10
    - Can dispatch Vampires if plunged into heart.
  6. Bonuses: +4 vs. psionics, +8 vs. Horror Factor, +4 vs. magic, +5 vs possession.
O.C.C. Skills:
Languages: Euro & English at 98%
Literacy in both
Lore: Demons & Monsters (+25%)
Lore: Vampires(+15%)
Tracking (+25%)
Prowl (+15%)
Interrogation (+10%)
W.P. Knife
Any 2 Ancient W.P.'s
Any 2 Modern W.P.'s
Any 2 Pilot Skills (+15%)
Any 2 Physical Skills (+10% when applicable)
Hand to Hand: Expert (can be upgraded to Martial Arts at the cost of one "other" skill)

O.C.C. Related Skills:
Select ten other skills. Select another three at level three, two at level six, one at level nine, and one at level twelve.

Communication: Any
Domestic: Any (+5%)
Electrical: Basic Electronics only.
Espionage: Any (+10%)
Mechanical: Basic and Automotive only.
Medical: First Aid only.
Military: Any
Physical: Any
Pilot: Any (+5%)
Pilot Related: Any (+15%)
Rogue: Any (+10%)
Science: Any
Technical: Any (+5%)
W.P.: Any
Wilderness: Any (+10%)

Secondary Skills: The character can select six secondary skills from the previous list, but cannot apply the stated bonus.
Standard Equipment: Extra Set of travelling clothes, and boots. A set of light body armor, personal gear, sunglasses or tinted visor, backpack, air-filter, bedroll, first-aid kit, utility belt, a few small bags, 100ft light weight rope, 6 iron spikes, 6 wooden spikes, hammer and a mallot, small utility knife(swiss army), a small cross of either wood or silver.
Weapons: Their Schattenjager Blade. One energy weapon of choice (often pistols, but rifles are okay). One firearm. 3 extra clips for each weapon. May have a few other personal weapons. GM's please use your discresion.
Vehicles: Most Schattenjagers walk. If they do have a vehicle it is either a live mount, or a very sporty and fast vehicle.
Money: Although the Knight and/or Ritter family has always been well to do, when out travelling, the Schattenjager normally does not bring along very much in the way of cash. 1d8x100 credits on hand. Can easily raise 5d6x1000 in credits due to fairly wealthy background.
Cybernetics: The Schattenjagers have always disliked the use of cybernetics. They will not use them unless there are life threatening situation.

Rittersburg, Germany

The home of the Schattenjagers

In Germany, deep in the forests and only a few hours drive from the former city of Munich is the small town of Rittersburg. In this town lies the grand castle known as Castle Rittersburg which was built by the famed Schattenjager Christian Ritter before the coming of the Rifts. The people of Rittersburg, although wary of the forest and the demons that inhabit it, do not fear for within the walls of Castle Rittersburg, the warriors known as the Schattenjagers dwell.

In general, the small village is a very hospitable place. Friendly D-Bee's have be known to take refuge within it's protected walls. The Militia of Rittersburg is a small yet surprisingly effective force when in defense of the village. This is especially true when a Schattenjager is in the lead. So far, the gargoyles have not taken too much interest in the town. And of the few stray gargoyles who have entered the area to wreak havok, only a meager handful have ever returned.