New/Improved Super Soldier Options

Created by Brett Hegr
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These are new and enhanced options that can be used in the creation of a Heroes Unlimitedtm style super soldier (page 118). The standard super soldier is allowed to roll for one minor super ability and then roll for three 'super soldier' abilities. Even that isn't enough to keep the super soldier on par with other super beings. So here are my suggestions...

Random Super Soldier Ability Table:

This table is completely optional. Players could decide to roll on this table or go with the more conventional method below, of picking two selections from the 'Powers of the Super Soldier' list. I provide this for more variety, as always. Some selections in this table refer to other tables that can be found further down below on this page or in the Super Ability Tables of the Super Power Section.
01-04 The character has the Natural Combat Ability major super ability (pg. 284 of HU) and three Super Soldier Abilities.

05-08 The character has the Power Blast major super ability and three Super Soldier Abilities.

09-12 The character has the Power Sphere major super ability and three Super Soldier Abilities.

13-16 The character has the Super Energy Expulsion major super ability (pg. 293 of HU) and three Super Soldier Abilities.

09-12 The character has the Super Senses major super ability and three Super Soldier Abilities.

17-20 The character has the Supernatural Strength major super ability (pg. 293 of HU) and three Super Soldier Abilities.

21-25 Roll for a Common Super Soldier Major Super Ability, roll for one Extraordinary Attribute, and select two Super Soldier Abilities.

26-30 Roll for a Common Super Soldier Major Super Ability, the character gets the minor super ability of Healing Factor (pg. 233 of HU), and select two Super Soldier Abilities.

31-40 Roll for a Common Super Soldier Major Super Ability, roll for one Heightened Sense, and select two Super Soldier Abilities.

41-50 Select three Super Soldier Abilities, plus the character gets Advanced Energy Expulsion, one Energy Expulsion or Ranged Attack power of choice, and the player must roll for a Heightened Sense or an Extraordinary Attribute (player's choice which table to roll on).

51-55 Select three Super Soldier Abilities, plus roll for three Extraordinary Attributes.

56-60 Select three Super Soldier Abilities, plus roll for three minor super abilities.

61-70 Select three Super Soldier Abilities, plus roll for a Common Super Soldier Major Super Ability.

71-75 Select two Super Soldier Abilities, plus roll for two Heightened Senses and roll for two Extraordinary Attributes.

76-80 Select five Super Soldier Abilities, plus roll for a Heightened Sense and roll for an Extraordinary Attribute.

81-85 Select five Super Soldier Abilities, plus roll for two Heightened Senses.

86-90 Select five Super Soldier Abilities, plus roll for two Extraordinary Attributes.

91-00 Select seven Super Soldier Abilities.

Powers of the Super Soldier:

All super soldier characters may select two options from this list. However, only option eight can be selected twice. If the character is to be a 'Mega-Soldier' (a super soldier Mega-hero) then the player may choose to make a third selection from this list instead of rolling on the random mega-powers table. The Mega- Soldier must still roll for a weakness, however.
  1. Minor Super Abilities: Roll for any three minor super abilities.

  2. Physical Enhancement Minor Super Abilities: Roll for any three Heightened Senses and/or Extraordinary Attributes. It is the player's choice which tables below to roll on to acquire the three minor abilities.

    Heightened Senses: Roll for or select any three of the following powers:
    01-07 Heightened Sense of Hearing (pg. 234 of HU)
    08-14 Heightened Sense of Smell (pg. 234 of HU)
    15-21 Heightened Sense of Taste (pg. 234 of HU)
    22-28 Heightened Sense of Touch (pg. 234 of HU)
    28-34 Radar (pg. 236 of HU)
    35-38 Sense Super Powers
    39-48 Super Vision: Advanced Sight (pg. 237 of HU)
    49-55 Super Vision: Electromagnetic Sight
    56-65 Super Vision: Infrared and Ultraviolet (pg. 236 of HU)
    66-70 Super Vision: Paranormal
    71-82 Super Vision: Nightvision (pg. 236 of HU)
    83-92 Super Vision: Thermal
    93-00 Super Vision: X-Ray (pg. 237 of HU)
    Extraordinary Attributes: Roll for any three
    01-07 Extraordinary Balance
    08-14 Extraordinary Life Force
    15-20 Extraordinary Luck
    21-28 Extraordinary Mental Affinity (pg. 231 of HU)
    29-35 Extraordinary Mental Endurance (pg. 231 of HU)
    36-42 Extraordinary Physical Strength (pg. 231 of HU)
    43-50 Superhuman Strength (pg. 236 of HU)
    51-58 Extraordinary Physical Prowess (pg. 232 of HU)
    59-67 Extraordinary Physical Endurance (pg. 232 of HU)
    68-75 Extraordinary Physical Beauty (pg. 232 of HU)
    76-84 Extraordinary Speed (pg. 232 of HU)
    85-92 Mental Superiority
    93-00 Physical Superiority

  3. Energy Expulsion or Ranged Attack: The character acquires powers focused on creating energy blasts or some other ranged attack. The player may roll once on the list below for an attack power. The character also gets either the power of Advanced Energy Expulsion, the power of Radar (pg. 236 of HU), or gets the minor power of Energy Resistance (pg. 231 of HU) and one Extraordinary Attribute of choice.
    01-10 Absorb/Release Energy
    11-15 Energy Expulsion: Dark Bolt
    16-22 Energy Expulsion: Energy (pg. 230 of HU)
    23-27 Energy Expulsion: Electricity (pg. 230 of HU)
    28-32 Energy Expulsion: Electrical Field (pg. 231 of HU)
    33-37 Energy Expulsion: Fire (pg. 231 of HU)
    38-45 Energy Expulsion: Light (pg. 231 of HU)
    46-50 Energy Expulsion: Microwave
    51-55 Energy Expulsion: Radiation
    56-60 Ranged Attack: Air
    61-65 Ranged Attack: Cold
    66-70 Ranged Attack: Cutting Beam
    71-75 Ranged Attack: Kinetic
    76-80 Ranged Attack: Phase Beam
    81-85 Ranged Attack: Stun
    86-90 Ranged Attack: Sound
    91-95 Ranged Attack: Substance
    96-00 Ranged Attack: Vibration

  4. Major Super Abilities: Roll for one. No APS or Shapeshifting powers can be possessed (up to the GM, but it isn't the focus of a super soldier character). If one is rolled then the GM could make the player reroll or let him select a major super ability from the list below.

  5. Common Super Soldier Major Super Abilities: The attempt to create a super soldier will have a set of specific results desired. This table is a collection of the super powers that would be most common in a super soldier character.
    01-03 Adapt to Environment (pg. 295 of HU)
    04-06 Alter Facial Features & Physical Stature (pg. 295 of HU)
    07-09 Alter Metabolism (pg. 295 of HU)
    10-12 Attribute Vampire
    13-15 Bio-Armor (pg. 254 of HU)
    16-18 Chameleon (pg. 2 of HU)
    19-21 Cloaking (pg. 295 of HU)
    22-24 Danger Immunity
    25-27 Death Factor
    28-30 Destructive Energy Aura
    31-33 Disruptive Touch (pg. 272 of HU)
    34-36 Force Aura (pg. 273 of HU)
    00-39 Heightened Damage Capacity
    40-42 Heroic Form
    43-45 Immortality (pg. 276 of HU)
    46-48 Intangibility (pg. 276 of HU), or an alternate version
    49-51 Invisibility (pg. 277 of HU), or an alternate version
    52-54 Invulnerability (pg. 278 of HU)
    55-58 Karmic Power (pg. 278 of HU)
    59-61 Mental Invisibility
    62-65 Natural Combat Ability (pg. 284 of HU)
    66-69 Power Blast
    70-72 Power Sphere
    73-77 Perfection
    78-80 Speed Tasking
    81-82 Sonic Flight (pg. 289 of HU)
    83-85 Sonic Speed (pg. 289 of HU)
    86-89 Super Energy Expulsion (pg. 293 of HU)
    90-93 Super Senses
    94-97 Supernatural Strength (pg. 293 of HU)
    98-00 Teleportation (pg. 295 of HU), or an alternate version

  6. Psychic Powers: The base is the M.E. plus 2d6+3, and add another 1d4+1 per additional level of experience. The character also gains +1d4 to the M.E. attribute. For Riftstm style characters, add 1d4x10 to the M.E. to get the base The character is a major psionic, who can select one of the following:
  7. Limited Bionics: The character has three million dollars to spend on bionic and cybernetic enhancement. Consider the character a partial reconstruction borg or cybernetically- enhanced human. The artificial systems have been integrated in a way that doesn't have any adverse affects on psychic or mutant abilities. The same cannot be said for enhancement beyond the initial level of augmentation.

  8. Additional Enhancement: Select three options from the Super Soldier Abilities list found below. If this is selected twice, then let the player pick one bonus option (only for those purebred super soldiers!)

Super Soldier Abilities:

This is a list to expand the options found on page 118 of Heroes Unlimitedtm, 2nd Edition. I felt that the range of options given were quite limited. If I have any changes that I think need to be made, I list them here. Otherwise, the option will say 'As per the listed super soldier ability' which means you need to pick up your HU book! If you want to roll randomly on this table I'd suggest rolling percentile dice (1d100), divide the results by 4, and round to the nearest integer. Thus a roll of 62 becomes 62/4 = 15.5, or a roll of 16, a roll of 39 becomes 9.75, or 10, and a roll of 97 becomes 24.75 or 25.
  1. Attempted to Increase Physical Agility and Dexterity: As per the listed super soldier ability.

  2. Attempted to Increase Physical Speed: As per the listed super soldier ability with these additions: For characters with super speed abilities, add another 1d4x10+20mph to their running speed. The character is also jumpy and nervous (-2 to M.A.) and can't sleep more than six hours at a time. In general, the character has trouble relaxing and sleeping.

  3. Attempted to make the character Invulnerable: Not the major super ability, but still pretty good. Add 1d4x10+40 pounds to weight (all muscle), add 3d6x10+60 to the, add 2d6 hit points, plus the character has a natural A.R. of 13 and gets a P.E. bonus of +2.

  4. Bionic Sensor System: As per the listed super soldier ability.

  5. Bionic Weapon System: As per the listed super soldier ability.

  6. Brain Barrier: The character's brain is altered in such a way as to make it impervious to psionic attack! This may be due to chemical treatment, cybernetic implant, hormonal injections, etc. The result of the treatment is that the character becomes impervious to any form of mental attack (no matter the nature of it) which includes Hypnotic Suggestion, Bio-Manipulation, Mind Wipe, Telepathy, Empathy, the super power of Control Others, chemicals such as truth serum and LSD, etc. This resistance cannot be reduced or negated by any means! The character is also +4 to save vs possession (whether by psychic powers, bodiless entities, magic, or the power of Transeferal/Possession). He is also +4 to save vs mentally induced illusions, which includes psychic and magic illusions but not physically created ones like holograms or illusions created by super powers.

    A side effect of this power is that the character cannot possess any kind of psionic ability, nor can he have the 'mental' super abilities of Psionic Resistance, Cloaking (pg. 256 of HU), Control Others (pg. 267 of HU), Divine Aura (pg. 272 of HU), Mental Invisibility, Negate Super Abilities/ Powers (pg. 283 of HU), or Transferal/Possession (pg. 295 of HU).

  7. Brain Boost: As per the listed super soldier ability.

  8. Brain Implants: As per the listed super soldier ability with the following modifications: The character suffers from sporadic and chronic headaches which last for 4d4 minutes (-2 on initiative, lose one melee action, and -5% on skills during this time). Standard pain medication is not effective, but extremely strong pain medication will stop the pain (and usually causes some side effects).

  9. Enhanced Senses: Unless destroyed by the process of an Experiment or some odd genetic fluke, all the character's senses function at pinpoint levels. His visual range is one mile of distance and can see 20% more clarity and color, perfect 20/20 vision. Hearing is so good as to catch a conversation 150ft away and a pin drop at 30ft (+1 on initiative). The sense of smell allows him to track by smell (30% +5% per level, 100ft range, -10% in the city) and sense extremes of emotions (40% +2% per level, unreliable as a lie detector). Advanced taste lets the character pick up the presence of poisons and toxins in what he ingests (40% +4% per level, but some poisons/ toxins may be tasteless and odorless). The fine sense of touch provides a +10% to skills like Picking Locks, Picking Pockets, and other sleight of hand skills, and can also pick up fine variations in texture and temperature (down to about 3 degrees difference). If a heightened sense is possessed, use those bonuses and skills instead and ignore the meager offerings above.

  10. Extensive Combat Training: The character's psyche has been overloaded with drug- enhanced images of violence, making him more agressive and proficient in combat. Add +2 on initiative, +2 to grapple, +2 to strike, and +2 to parry and dodge. The character also gets an extra melee attack. The character has violent dreams and his personal relations suffer - decrease the M.A. by 1d4+2 (maximum of 14 normally, or 22 if the minor ability of Extraordinary Mental Affinity is possessed).

  11. Gunfighting Skills: Add a +2 to the P.P. attribute, as a result of improved hand-eye coordination. The character has weapon usage skills similar to the Hardware: Weapon Expert category of hero, but they are limited. He has the Hardware: Weapon Expert skill of Gunfighter Paired Weapons, Quick Draw Initiative, and W.P. Sharpshooting, but the bonuses only apply when using Automatic Pistols or Revolvers.

    At level five the character can use the skills with the type of small firearm that wasn't selected. After gaining possession of a pair of energy pistols and two levels of experience while possessing the high-tech weapons, these gunfighting skills can be adapted to energy pistols. Rifle-style weapons are too cumbersome to benefit from the bonuses.

    Clips can also be exchanged faster. If the character is using only one pistol he can change the clip fast enough that it doesn't count as a melee action - this can also be combined with a normal dodge, but not any other type of melee action. If two pistols are being used, then the clips for both can be exchanged in one melee action. This quick switching can be performed only with pistols, and only if the fresh clips are readily avaliable (like in an ammo vest or clip pouch on the belt).

    If using revolvers, 'quick-loaders' can be used with the same results as above. If the bullets have to be individually loaded then it takes a melee action to reload approximately four bullets. Thus, a conventional six shooter requires two melee actions to reload. Note that reloading a gun bullet by bullet is difficult in combat, and though the character is skilled in doing this quickly he can still be interrupted and caught off guard. Still, this is better than spending an entire melee reloading one revolver...

  12. Hand to hand Combat Skills: Through a combination of physical training, subconcious instruction, and/or chemical treatments the character becomes a better fighter. The character gains either Hand to Hand: Martial Arts or Hand to Hand: Assassin without the extensive physical training normally required. In addition to the selected form of hand to hand combat, add one extra melee attack. This super soldier option allows skill selections to be used for other types of learning, instead of physical combat. This can be combined with Extensive Combat Training (see above).

    Option One: With the selection of this and the subtraction of two secondary skills, the super soldier can possess one of the special hand to hand combat forms of the Physical Training character class (see page 188 of HU). No other Hand to Hand combat form may be selected if this is chosen, though Boxing and Wrestling can be learned to augment the fighting skills. If the character already knows a combat form (such as Expert, Martial Arts, or Assassin) he can 'upgrade' it to one of those by selecting this. No secondary skills need to be sacrificed in that case.

    Option Two: If the character wants to combine this and a selection of a combat form out of Ninjas and Superspiestm or Mystic Chinatm, that is allowable. The character may choose a non-exclusive martial art form and reduce the skill cost by one third - thus a selection would cost either one physical skill or it would cost two secondary skills (according to the suggestions on page 164 of N&S). Also reduce the 'Skill Cost' of the martial art (the time it takes to learn it) by half.

  13. Heightened Awareness: The character has been conditioned to have the peak level of human perception. Add +2 on all perception rolls, +1 on initiative, +2 to dodge, and a +15% or +1 when doing a contest of skills involving perception (like Detect Ambushes, Forgery, Tracking, Detect Concealment, etc.) Do not add that bonus to the base skill, because it only applies under certain circumstances.

  14. Increase Environmental Endurance: Chemicals and radiation treatment have made the character's body more resistant to harmful elements. The character takes half damage from heat and cold attacks, is +30% (or +2) to save vs radiation, plus the character only suffers half the penalties from sonic attacks, stun weapons, radiation, and other similarly debilitating attacks. The character can also survive in temperatures 50 degrees hotter and colder than a normal member of his race. Also add +4d6

  15. Immune System Enhancement: Through chemical alteration and brain implants, the body's immune system becomes superhuman. Add +1d4 to the P.E. attribute, +2 vs body-affecting magic and psionic effects, and +6 vs poisons and toxins. If affected by a disease or toxin, the character recovers in half the normal time. These save throws also apply to helpful chemicals!

  16. Joint Locking: As per the robot option, the character is capable of locking his joints and muscles rigidly into position, giving them a Superhuman Strength of 40 when holding onto something. Also, this power doubles lifting and carrying capacity, and imposes a -10 penalty (on 1d20) to an opponents' attempt to break out of a hold. Add +5d6, +1 to P.S., and +2 to P.E.

  17. Leaping: This is the ability to jump 20 feet plus 5 feet per level straight up, or twice that lengthwise. Double this with a running start, or for those with super speed powers increase their jump distances by 20%. The character will also take no damage from falls less than he himself can leap vertically and half damage from all greater falls.

    Add a +1 P.P. and a +10 to Spd. (apply the Spd. bonus only if the character does not have super speed powers). Also add +1d6 to the damage of leap attacks and jump kicks at levels two and six.

  18. Limited Cybernetics/Bionics: Select $500,000 in cybernetic and bionic enhancements. The character will possess, at most, an artificial limb. Usually this option covers a variety of simple sensory enhancements and maybe a bionic weapon or something. This can only be 'purchased' one time.

  19. Mental Strengthening: Through nootropines, hypnosis, subliminal suggestion, and meditation the character's willpower and self- discipline becomes extraordinary. Add 1d4+2 to the M.E., plus the character gains a +4 vs horror factor, +4 vs possession, and +2 vs illusions, mind altering drugs, and mind- dominating magic. The character also suffers only half the penalties from any debilitating effect and can fight without penalty at up to -10 more hit points below 0 and will only die at 10 hit points beyond the normal! So, a P.E. of 14 means the character suffers no penalties at 0 to -10 hit points, suffers the normal penalties and/ or coma at -11 to -24 hit points, and succumbs to death at -25 hit points. A normal being with a P.E. of 14 would go unconcious at 0 hit points and die at -14 hit points.

  20. Mind and Body are more Attuned: As per the listed super soldier ability.

  21. Nanotech Injection: The character's body has been injected with microscopic robots created with a technology know as 'nanotechnology.' The provide a variety of bonuses. Add +2 to P.S. and P.P., add +2d4 to the Spd. attribute (or +10 MPH for super speed characters), add a +2 to save vs poisons/ toxins, add +10% to save vs death, and the character recovers 1 hit point and 1d6 per hour. The healing benefits are in addition to any gained by powers such as Healing Factor or Accelerate Healing. A severe electrical shock (at least 50 points of damage) will destroy the nanotechs and negate these benefits for 24 hours, but during the next 24 hours a new generation of nanotechs will be created within the character's body.

  22. Physical Transformation: As per the listed super soldier ability.

  23. Strengthened Skeletal Structure: The bones themselves are densified by a layer of metal, calcium injections, chemical transformation, or whatever other means the player can conceive. Add a +40 bonus. The character gains a +2 bonus to roll with punch, fall, or impact. He also takes half damage from falls, ramming attacks, bear hugs, and any other sort of crushing attack. The character's bones are also unbreakable by any normal means so add a +4 to save vs bone- breaking attempts via magic, psionics, super-tech devices, slamming the armored finger in a car door, etc.

    Depending on the nature of the skeletal enhancement, the character may be more vulnerable to a particular type of effect. For example, a metal enhanced skeletal structure will be vulnerable to magnetic effects but microwaves do half damage to the character (they are reflected by the metal covering the bones). A plastic enhanced skeletal structure will likely be vulnerable to heightened temperatures. The exact nature of the advantages and disadvantages are left up to the GM's discretion. Average damage should be about 1d6 to 3d6 damage per melee...

  24. Subconscious Instruction: Through hypnosis and subliminal messaging, the character has learned some extra skills. Select five additional secondary skills with a +5% bonus, or instead add a +10% bonus to any five known skills. This can be selected multiple times, but Physical skills and Hand to Hand Combat skills can never be selected.

  25. Uncanny Targeting and Throwing: As per the listed super soldier ability.