Reef Tank
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Well, the tuft of halimeda from the previous image has grown so large, we had to move it to the back of the tank where there is more room, and out of sight. It was starting to look like a jungle of halimeda on the left front side of the tank. We figured it would die off once up rooted. But it just branch out even more and started to grow faster! We have so much halimeda, all over the tank it is ridiculous. It is tough to make out scale in this picture, but this patch of halimeda is more than a foot wide !

Our LFS says they'd love some, but only if attached to rock, which is unfortunate - because it seems to reproduce in our tank, by breaking off a colony and starting a new one. The only problem is most of the colonies we have are lose (not attached to anything !) and we don't want to go breaking our rock up just sell a little halimeda.

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