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Brendan O'Loughlin

Originally from Limerick City in Ireland, Brendan started his
career as a teenager playing bass and rhythm guitars and 
providing vocals for several Irish show bands.

Brendanís music has an uplifting, bright quality that will appeal to
fans of Irish folk and rock. In addition with his music to the USA
he has absorbed influences from country and Western swing that
are often incorporated into his songs. This gives him a transatlantic
feel that connects the USA with itís expatriate roots. With Brendan having an earlier career in Irish show bands, he knows how to move
a crowd and his songs connect with your feet and heart throughout.

This Irishman's vocals and song writing have an undeniable pop appeal. Blending catchy Celtic tunes into a Folk-Rock format, his heavy brogue will charm you as he uses metaphors such as mountain dew, catch of the day, and an invitation to the chat at McGuires Pub.

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