A Little Perspective on 87,878,787,878 Big Macs.
or "A Big Mac here, a Big Mac there, pretty soon it starts to add up to some real beefy goodness."

On September 7th, 2003, President Bush announced on national television that he was asking the Congress to grant him an additional $87 billion dollars for the next fiscal year, beginning October 1, to continue the fight on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But $87 billion is an impossibly high number for anyone to visualize. So let's use Big Macs instead. Big Mac Mondays mean two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun can be yours for just 99 cents. So let's have a look...

99 cents on Mondays One Big Mac ... it's roughly 4 inches wide by 4 inches wide. It's about three inches thick.
$5.94 on Mondays  

Six Big Macs ... stacked one on top of the other, still roughly 4 inches by four inches, but now a whopping 18 inches tall.

Six Big Macs are approximately 3,600 calories, or enough calories to cause the average person to gain one additional pound of body fat.

$2,970.00 on Mondays  

Three Thousand Big Macs ... roughly seven hundred fifty feet high, in a single stack, or as tall as the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas.

This many Big Macs would feed the entire Jewish population of Bulgaria.

Source : Jewish Virtual Library 

$71,280.00 on Mondays  

Seventy-Two Thousand Big Macs ... would feed every fan in Browns Stadium on a Sunday. Of course, since Big Macs are only 99 cents on Mondays, they'd be awfully cold and stinky...just like Cleveland itself!

Panoramic image courtesy : Sports Gallery

$356,400.00 on Mondays  


Three Hundred and Sixty Thousand Big Macs ... makes a stack over 36.5 kilometers high. Fuxianhu Lake, in China, is about 36.5 kilometers across. A Chinese swimmer, Yin Xiaoling, swam across Fuxianhu Lake in seventeen hours and eight minutes. This has no relationship to Big Macs, we just like the word Fuxianhu.

Source : People's Daily

$8,910,000.00 on Mondays  

Nine Million Big Macs ... Donald Lerman holds the world record for speed-eating hamburgers, at 11╝ burgers in ten minutes. If he could keep up that pace, it would take him over fifteen years to eat all nine million Big Macs, which is about how long it will be before one of these two geeks has a date.

Source : International Federation of Competitive Eating
Photo source : Nicolet Area Technical College

$891,000,000.00 on Mondays  

Nine Hundred Million Big Macs... The pile is now over 42,600 miles high, coincidentally about the same as the mileage on this swell 2000 Audi TT Coupe, which Mr. Roy A. Henderson of Marina Del Ray, California is selling for the low asking price of just $25,000. Tell him we said hello, won't you?

Ad Source : Calling All Cars

$87,000,000,000.00 on Mondays  

Eighty-Seven Billion, Eight Hundred Seventy-Eight Million, Seven Hundred Eighty-Seven Thousand, Eight Hundred Seventy-Eight Big Macs ... This is what the President is asking for. It is a stack of Big Macs 4,160,927 miles high, or more than seventeen times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. (238,606 miles, one-way).

Source : At-Home Astronomy, Berkeley


$166,000,000,000.00 on Mondays


One Hundred Sixty-Seven Billion, Six Hundred Seventy-Six Million, Seven Hundred Sixty-Seven Thousand, Six Hundred Seventy-Six Big Macs ... this equals the total amount of Big Macs President Bush could buy for Iraq & Afghanistan by the beginning of October, 2004 with the $87 billion he wants, plus the $79 billion he's already spent. 

This pile is over 7.5 million miles high now. This is approximately the distance by which Asteroid 1997 XF11 will miss the Earth on its flyby in the year 2078.

167,676,767,676 Big Macs is almost 574 Big Macs for every man, woman and child in the United States. It's 3302 Big Macs for every person in Iraq and Afghanistan (est. 50,792,375).

Image Source : NASA
Source : U.S. Census Bureau PopClock
Source : Iraqi Demographics
Source : Demographics of Afghanistan

 Possibly not U.S. President George "Hamburglar" Bush

"See, free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction." 

President Bush,
ŚMilwaukee, Wis., Oct. 3, 2003

A shameless parody of Crunchland's $87,000,000,000 thingy.
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