The hidden lineage of Jesus
By Laurence Gardner

Jesus the Christ, born 7 BC - abt. AD 66 = St. Mary Magdalene

Damaris (Tamar), born AD 33 = AD53 St. Paul
Jesus II, bron AD 37
Joseph "The Rama-Theo", born AD 44

Joseph, 2nd son of Jesus the Christ had a son Josue whose line formed the line of The Fisher Kings.

"The lines of descent from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which emerged through the Fisher Kings, preserved the maternal Spirit of Aix to become the "family of the waters" - the House del Acqs. 

This family was prominent in Aquitaine - an area with a name that also has its roots in acquae (waters') or acqs, as indeed does the town name of Dax, west of Toulouse, which stems from d'Acqs.  Here Merovingian branches that eveolved from the Fisher Kings became Counts of Toulouse and Narbonne, also Princes of the Septimanian Midi (the territory between France and Spain). 

Another family branch, related through the female line, was granted the Celtic Church heritage of Avallon, with Viviane del Acqs acknowledged as the hereditary High Queen in the early sixth century.  Subsequently, in Brittany, a corresponding male branch of the Provencal House del Acqs became the Comtes (Counts) de Leon d'Acqs in descent from Viviane I's granddaughter Morgaine.