Grandmaster Ron Bradbury striking Master Womak

Ron Bradbury Sr., 10th Degree Black Belt
Grandmaster of American Kenpo Bu-Jutsu Karate
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Grandmaster Bradbury has been teaching for over 35 years. He is recognized internationally as one of America's finest combat martial artists. Ron began his training in American Karate-Bu-Jutsu in 1965. He holds a fifth degree in American Karate-Bu-Jutsu, as well as black belt rankings in Aiki-Jitsu, Bushido Kempo, JaeMukwan Hapkido. He registered his system of American Kenpo Bu-Jutsu in 1993 which has been recognized by the martial arts community around the world. The main reason his system is different enough to be recognized throughout the world, is its design to destroy the attacker in the quickest way possible. The system brings this concept to every concievable position that a person may encounter. Grandmaster Bradbury has received awards at several "Hall of Fame" banquets for his teaching ability as well has his knowledge.

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The American Kenpo Bu-Jutsu Karate Association is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at 8101 S. Western Ave. Click here for a map to the Grandmaster's School.
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Last updated on October 31, 2001