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A scientific and technological revolution is in the making!

The 1986 discovery of High Temperature Superconductivity is hailed as being potentially more significant than that of the transistor. Furthermore, the graphic properties of these materials make them uniquely accessible to interested individuals in all fields.

Formed in August 1987, Colorado Superconductor Inc. is the world leader in supplying high Tc based superconductors for educational demonstrations and basic laboratory experiments.  Our sophisticated manufacturing technology is the source of superconductors supplied to scores of Universities and High Schools. We have focused our technical skills to making quality superconductor demonstration and investigation kits specially designed for teaching labs.

In 2004 Colorado Superconductor Inc. became simply Colorado Superconductor.

Our Mission

Colorado Superconductor is dedicated to developing and providing high quality products for superconductivity research at the lowest prices. Our goal is to make these products accessible and understandable to experimenters of all levels.

Company Profile

Colorado Superconductor has been the world's leading supplier / manufacturer of superconductor kits and products going on 20 years. Located in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Superconductor  has been producing and developing superconductor kits for use in educational and industrial laboratories all over the world. 

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