Colorado Superconductor, Inc - CSI Products
Demonstration Kits
For exploration of some basic properties that all superconductors share , including the Meissner Effect, the Flux-Pinning effect, and the Critical Temperature.
Four-Point Probe Systems
The four-point probe provides a unique interface for measuring resistance versus temperature as well as exploring other electrical properties of ceramic superconductors.
Comparison Kits
These kits contain both Yttrium and Bismuth based superconductors for easy comparison of the properties of these two materials.
Kits for Group Study
Designed with classroom usability in mind, these economical kits provide extra samples so that several students, or groups of students can experiment simultaneously.
Advanced Demonstration Kits
These kits allow for more in-depth study of superconductivity and its applications.
Miscellaneous Supplies
Individual samples, magnets, and superconductor supplies are also available.

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