Hi. You were probably expecting to find the timberlog, the highly regarded and wildly successful Portland Timbers fan website. Well we have moved so if you want to find the usual mix of highly inaccurate news, pathetic attempts at analysis , v. poor jokes, questionable reviews, inflammatory statistics, pokes, prods, pisstakes, paeans to the cinema of Victor Erice, the home to the Rose Wilkinson Fan Club, homages to the genius of Osborne Ruddock, Horace Swaby and Rainford Hugh Perry, bad usage of MS Paint, interviews where I ask the same questions only in a different order, etc. etc. then mosey along over to:

Our new home

If you weren't expecting the timberlog, then all I can say is:

For more than ten years there's been peace, everyone to his own patch. We've all had it sweet. I've done every single one of you favours in the past, I've put money in all your pockets. I've treated you well, even when you was out of order, right? Well now there's been an eruption!

Thanks. the timberlog.