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Need more memory for your Visor™ handheld? The FlashPlus Adapter by Innopocket (pictured above) will allow you to store thousands of files on your Visor™handheld using a CompactFlash (CF) card.  The adapter allows you to change CF cards easily, and CF cards are available in sizes up to 640MB, so you can have unlimited file storage! With the software right on the adapter, if you backup to your CF card, you can restore from your CF card anytime, anyplace! The FlashPlus is completely flush with the Visor, even when the CF card is inserted!

The software on the adapter includes VFSHelper by Kopsis, Inc., an application that will allow VFS enabled applications to read directly from the CF card, even on Palm OS 3.1 Visors!  Free up RAM by moving large databases or seldom used programs to the CF card!  VFSHelper is included with every adapter we sell at no extra cost.

The FlashPlus now sells for $39.00.  We update the software on the adapter for you, so you can simply slip it into your Visor when it arrives and begin using it immediately.  We also install File Caddy (a freeware file manager) and FlashPlus Unexpire (sometimes needed to due a bug in the software) on your module.  Please note that not all CompactFlash cards are compatible with the FlashPlus adapter.  We also sell PowerTec 6MB compactflash cards for $9.97.  (The PowerTec compactflash cards use SanDisk firmware).  Or, you can buy an adapter with a 6MB compactflash card for only $46.77!  (For a list of compatible cards, go here.)

Effective October 15, 2002, we have lowered the price of the FlashPlus, and have instituted a permanent trade-in program.  If you have a non-plug-and-play flashadapter, see the details of our trade-in program here.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AT NO EXTRA COST!! Please note that we ship to international destinations at the same cost as we ship to the U.S.

FlashPlus Adapters Now in Stock!!

We received our adapters from Innopocket on November 1 and we are shipping orders daily.  You may order an adapter by clicking the appropriate button below.  All orders will be filled in the order they are received.  (If for any reason we are unable to ship your adapter within 30 days of your order, we will refund your PayPal payment.   To view your purchases or check out, click the "View Cart" button.)

Matchbookdrive Adapters

We have refurbished* some Matchbookdrive adapters we have received from our trade-in program, to make an inexpensive compactflash adapter available. The Long Matchbookdrive adapter (MD-001) lets the CF card protrude about 3 mm from the top of the adapter, making it easy to change your CF card without removing the adapter.  The Flush Matchbookdrive adapter (MD-100) leaves your CF card totally inside the adapter.  Both come with the officially licensed and supported FlashAdapter software by Kopsis, Inc., unlike some of the adapters available on ebay, etc.  Please note that the software for the Matchbookdrive adapters will be made available to you as a download from the internet, following your order, and you will need to hotsync it to your Visor.
FlashPlus Adapter ($39.00)
FlashPlus Adapter with 6MB CF card ($47.77)
6MB Compactflash card ($9.97)

  Refurbished Long Matchbookdrive Adapter (MD-001) ($9.97)

  Refurbished Flush Matchbookdrive Adapter (MD-100) ($16.97) 
                                  (we reserve the right to  substitute an adapter of equal or greater value)
Note: if you would like to have us send you occasional emails about sales, trade-in specials, or other news from time to time, please say so when you complete your PayPal order.
Note: shipping costs are as follows, anywhere in the world:  For orders of less than $10, shipping cost is $3.  For orders between $10 and $50, shipping cost is $5.  For orders between $50 and $100, shipping is $8.00, and for orders between $100 and $200, shipping is $10.

*Refurbished adapters have been tested to ensure they work properly, and have been placed in a new plastic housing.

  Kopsis, Inc., makers of the FaFileMover software
FileCaddy, a free file manager

What is the difference between the MatchBookDrive adapter and the FlashPlus adapter?
Answer: To use the MatchBookDrive adapter, you must hotsync the FAFileMover software to your Visor. If your Visor loses its memory (through a power loss or a system glitch) you have to hotsync the software to the Visor again before being able to access anything on the CompactFlash card (CF).

The FlashPlus adapter has a memory chip included right inside the adapter, which contains the FAFileMover software. All you have to do is slide the adapter into the Visor and you can access files on your CF. If your Visor loses its memory, all you have to do is reinsert the FlashPlus adapter and you are ready to access your CF.

In addition, the FlashPlus adapter allows you to move some applications to the memory chip built into the adapter. Personally, I keep my reader software there, so that if my Visor loses its memory, I can still read the ebooks I store on my CF.

Legal Notices
MatchBookProducts is not affiliated with Handspring, Inc. or the CompactFlash Association.  Visor and Springboard are trademarks of Handspring, Inc.  CompactFlash is a trademark of the CompactFlash Association.

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