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Vehicle Body Construction IV - Weather Enclosures:

This section will detail the weather enclosures used in the vehicle body construction.

The acrylic parts used in the weather enclosures for the Neighborhood Rover robotics project are divided into three sections, below. The determination is made simply on material thickness. Including 1/16-in, 1/8-in and 3/16-in material. For simplicity sake all material will be clear. Given the complexity of the project and the multiple mechanical interfaces in 3D, I have chosen to make a 'mock-up' set of PCBAs out of 1/16-in acrylic as well.

These parts account for a significant amount of weight in this project. Looking at the CAD model back in section 2 of this project it doesn't really seem like there are this many pieces until one takes the time to add it all up. The above parts do not represent an exhaustive listing but do represent the set to be ordered in the first go around. There are a small handful of parts that I will likely machine to support the project rather than laser cut with the bulk of the parts above.

The laser cutting process is essentially a 2-D process. There are a number of small modifications I will be making to a handful of the parts. In addition, a number of the parts require assembly. Given the number of parts in some of these assemblies, I've had to come up with a little bit of fixturing (as shown, below).

To ensure alignment in the parts above as well as many of the parts below, a series of slots and tabs has been designed into the parts assembled here. The rectangular slot and tab used are visible in the closeup image to the right.

... following are some of the sensor mounts and other acrylic parts ...