Big Island East Side Waterfalls

Like the rest of the Hawaiian Islands, the east side of the Big Island is much more wet than the west side.  Therefore, there are lots of waterfalls there.  Here are a few of the waterfalls on the east side of the Big Island near Hilo.

We started going north from Hilo and went on the 4 mile drive.  There is a wonderful small waterfall there coming out of a tunnel of jungle.  While there, a large leaf almost took out Renee!.

The jungle is very thick there.

Continuing up the highway is Akaka Falls, the highest falls on the East side (at least that easily accessible).  On the way to the falls is a wonderful small stream in the thick jungle that has some great small waterfalls on it.

Finally, heading back to Hilo, we went to the Rainbow Falls area.  It must be great to have such a wonderful water feature almost in your back yard!.

Everyone is very captivated by the sight of the falls.

Looking up through the thick forest in the area can be interesting.

Just upstream from Rainbow Falls is Boiling Pots

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