Batleth Basics

The proper way to hold the batleth is with the right hand palm up and the left hand palm down. This will place your hands in position for nearly every move. More skilled warriors can switch hand positions without slowing down. Beginners should stick with the basic hand positions.

Defensive Moves
The moves shown below are intended to block or parry incoming attacks.
[IMAGE] This defensive move, the High Block is demonstrated by Sgt. Murg and the Anonymous Warrior, her instructor. To do this move, bring the batleth to your chest and strike up, locking both arms. This will block an imcoming attack and also can be used offensively.
The vertical block is a purely defensive move. It is typically used when the defending warrior wants to unleash a truly savage attack upon the unsuspecting opponent. Sgt. Murg, Lt. K'Torik, and Captain Kring in the background, demonstrate the move.  

To do this move properly, hold your hands as described above and raise the left end of the batleth high and bring the right hand down low. The right arm should be extended. This puts you in position for some impressive offense.


The Vertical Block is shown here is Real Video. If you do not have Real Video, click here to get it.

Offensive Moves
Here are three offensive moves meant to maim and destroy your enemy.
[IMAGE] Sgt. Murg and Lt. K'Torik demonstrate the Vertical Strike. This move strikes at a 45% angle and is very good at hitting the shoulder or collarbone of an enemy. To get the most out of this move, bring your right hand to your right ear and strike down, locking your right arm. If you lock your arm, you get better control, and you are less likely to hyperextend your elbow. 
The Uppercut is a move feared by males everywhere. It aims at area 11, and as Lt. K'Torik informed Captain Kring, it is perfectly honorable to take your enemy's weaknesses and exploit them. The move also works equally well on female warriors, but for some reason, females aren't as cautious of this particular move. [IMAGE]
This move is best executed from vertical strike position. You've just done a vertical strike and your right arm is extended. Thrust your left hand forward, locking out your left arm while bringing your right hand toward your right shoulder.
[IMAGE] The One-Handed Rib Slash is an impressive move that inspires awe in your adversary. It is usually executed from a Vertical Block position, though you can do it from a neutral position. Sgt. Murg shows how it is done while her instructor Lt. K'Torik and Captain Kring look on. 
To do this more difficult move, raise the batleth over your head and bring your right hand around parallel to the floor. As you bring the batleth around, you have the option to extend your reach by letting go with the right hand or opting for defensibility by keeping both hands on the batleth. This is a head, shoulders, or chest-level move. The faster you can do this move, the more impressive, and deadlier it is.

Always remember these three hints:

1) Don't get discouraged.

2) Practice every day.

3) Don't kill your instructor.

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