The Ball Family History

The main focus of the material that follows is to tell the story of Herbert Henry Ball (1863-1943), and his descendants.  The material that comes first, however, outlines the ancestry of Herbert Henry Ball as thoroughly as possible.  (The direct line of his ancestry is identified by bold text.)  As part of the story of Herbert Henry Ball, expanded material is included on his immediate family:  his parents, Robert Ball and Mary Ann Cooksley; his brothers David and Harry James; his half-brother, George Cooksley; and the family of his wife, Mary Ann Martin.

The known history of the Ball Family can be traced to the arrival of William Ball at the village of Winford, in Somerset, England.  (William Ball was most likely born near Stanton Drew in the 1680's, and probably the son of William Ball and Hannah Beale.)  The village of Winford, about 8 miles/13 kilometres south of Bristol in the Chew Valley, has a long history. The Domesday Book (1086) names the village Wenfrod. An even earlier reference (1065) identifies the community as Wunfrod, a name with Celtic origins: winn and frud meaning bright or white stream.
One of the most important sites in the village of Winford is the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary & St Peter.  The church dates from the 15th Century, was rebuilt in 1796, restored in 1820, with further improvements made in the 19th century.  On April 5, 1708, William Ball married Mary Bullock (or Ballock) in this church.  The parish records of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary & St Peter tell us a great deal about the Ball Family.  William and Mary Ball had at least six children, all of whom were baptized in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary & St Peter: Rachel (b.1709); Edward (b.1712); Martha (1714-1737); John (1716-1718); Mary (b. 1720); and John, who was born in 1726.

(Photo courtesy of Alan Blundell)

On October 16, 1746, John Ball married Jenney Williams (1728-1807), of Winford.  They had at least twelve children, all of whom were baptized in Winford: Richard (1749-1816); George (1753-1773); John (b. 1755); William (b. 1758); Isaac (1761-1847); Jesse (1763-1842); Louise (b. 1765); James (b. 1768); Joel (b. 1770); Job (1772-1835); Jenny (b. 1774); and Hannah (b. 1776).  For many years, John Ball served as the Clerk of the Parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary & St Peter.  His name is found on many of the baptismal, marriage, and burial records of the church.  John passed away in May of 1784, and is buried in the church cemetery.
Jesse Ball married Mary Tovey on July 27, 1788.  Mary was born in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire in 1756, the eldest of nine children born to William Tovey and Mary LawrenceJesse and Mary Ball had a family of at least five sons, each of whom was baptized in Winford: Robert (1789-1810); John (1792-1868); Jesse (1795-1812); Stephen (1797-1871); and George (1803-1854).  Mary Ball died in Winford in April of 1837.  Jesse Ball died in Felton on October 24, 1842.  According to his death certificate, the Cause of Death was Visitation of God.
John Ball was baptized in the parish of Winford, on February 10, 1792.  On November 30, 1815, he married Ann Vowles in St. James Church, Bristol.  She had been born in the nearby parish of Dundry, on May 15, 1796, one of the nine children of John Vowles (1765-1844) and Mary Sampson (1770-1860).  Tracing the events in the lives of John and Ann Ball is possible to do through census and church records.  Census records tell us that in 1841, John and Ann Ball lived in the village of Felton.  By 1851, they had moved to the village of Barrow Common, where they would live for the remainder of their lives.  Church records tell us that John and Ann Ball had a family of ten children: Robert, Mary, John, Thomas, David, William, Ann, George, Hannah, and Joseph.  John Ball died on September 4, 1868, at the age of 75.  He is buried in Winford.  Ann, however, is found both in the census of 1871 and 1881, still living at Barrow Common.  She died there on January 4, 1887, aged 91.  She is buried in Dundry.

To learn more about the siblings of Robert Ball, go the John Ball Family History.

The Family of Robert Ball
Robert Ball was born September 6, 1817 in the parish of Dundry.  On August 21, 1855, he married Mary Ann Cooksley.  In 1861, Robert and Mary Ann Ball lived in Bedminster, in the home of his mother-in-law, Mary Cooksley.  (The district of Bedminster was located south of the town of Bristol; today, it is a part of suburban Bristol, located just east of Bristol International Airport.)  By 1861, they had two children: David (born December 10, 1855); and Emily Elizabeth (born August 22, 1860).   Robert listed his occupation at the time as a Hay Dealer

From 1869 until 1883, Robert Ball was a Publican, managing a public house called the Globe Cellar, located at 25 Nicholas Street, Bristol.  The 1871 census records Robert and Mary Ann Ball as living here with their children David, Herbert Henry (born September 9, 1863), and Harry James (born in 1867).  Their daughter, Emily Elizabeth, died on August 1, 1865.

Mary Ann Cooksley was born in 1832, the daughter of George Cooksley, a milk dealer, and Mary Derrick.  George, son of John Cooksley and Joan Nyatt, was born in Dundry on March 10, 1798; Mary was born there in 1799.  George and Mary were married in Bristol on September 7, 1824.  George passed away in Dundry on November 29, 1844.  Following the death of her husband, Mary supported herself and her family as a Dairywoman, until her own death on February 16, 1875.

In addition to their daughter Mary Ann, George and Mary Cooksley had three other children:  Caroline, George, Jr., and John.

  • Caroline Cooksley was born in 1825 and died in 1832.
  • George Cooksley, Jr. was born in 1827.  In 1868, he married Susan Hall (1827-1888), but they had no children.  George Cooksley, Jr. passed away in 1886.
  • John Cooksley was born in 1831.  He first married Martha Tovey (1827-1862) in 1852, and had three children:  Benjamin (1854-1901), James Henry (1858-1902), and Hephzibah Mary (1858-1904).  Following the death of Martha, John married Mary Ann Drury (1839-1908) in 1872, and had three more children:  Alfred John (1873-1954), Edith May (1878-1958), and Edward Albert (1880-1882).  John Cooksley died in 1885.
By the time of the 1881 census, Robert and Mary Ann lived at 6 Wellington Street in Bristol, with their two youngest sons, Herbert and Harry, but they still managed the Globe Cellar Tavern.  In 1883, Robert became the manager of the Masonic Arms Tavern (pictured left), located at 72 Thunderbolt Street, Bristol.  It was at 6 Wellington Street that Mary Ann died from “congestion of the brain” on August 15, 1885.  On February 22, 1887 Robert Ball passed away there of “heart disease and senile decay.”  Robert and Mary Ann are buried in the graveyard of the parish church in Dundry, along with their daughter Emily Elizabeth.  (Photograph, right, courtesy of Alan Blundell, a great-great-grandson of Robert and Mary Ann Ball.)

The Family of David Ball
David Ball (sometimes known as David Sidney Ball) married Ann Johanna Gleeson (1858-1901) on December 9, 1878.  According to the census of 1881, the David Ball family lived at 17 King Street, Bristol, and David worked as a Corn Porter.  The census of 1891 shows that the family had moved to 4 Bloomsbury Street, Bristol, with David working as Dock Labourer.    By 1901, the David Ball family lived at 12 Cannon Street, Bristol, and David listed his occupation as a bricklayer.  David and Ann Ball had five children: Emily Elizabeth, Frederick Robert, Rosina Ada, William Robert, and Harry James  Ball.

Following the death of his wife Ann in 1901, David Ball remarried in 1903.  His second wife was Alice Maud Mary Wyatt, who was born in Bedminster in 1875.  She was the daughter of Albert Wyatt and his wife, Hannah Ball.  (Hannah was the younger sister of Robert Ball, thus Alice Wyatt and David Ball were first cousins.) The final census in which David Ball appears is that of 1911.  By that time the family lived at 3 Crown Terrace, Temple, Bristol. David Ball passed away in Bristol on October 5, 1912.  Alice Ball (who had remarried, to William Allen, in 1920) died in Bristol on June 4, 1954.  David and Alice Ball had two sons: Albert John and Herbert Henry Ball.

Emily Elizabeth Ball was born in Bristol on December 26, 1878.  By 1901, she is found working as a servant in Wales.   She married John Williams in Cardiff, Wales in 1915, but divorced in 1924.  Emily and her husband had no children.  She passed away in Bristol on March 2, 1942.
Frederick Robert Ball was born in Bristol in 1881, and died at the age of 18, in 1899.
Rosina Ada Ball was born in Bristol in 1884.  The Census of 1901 sees Rosina living in the Bristol Union Workhouse, Stapleton.  With her is her son, Robert Ball, who had been born in the workhouse on November 19, 1900.  Rosina and Robert would leave the workhouse on May 1st 1901, but what happens to Robert after that time is unknown.  On February 25, 1905, she married Joseph Charles Hockey (1878-1944).  Together, Rosina and Joseph raised six children.  Rosina passed away in 1960.
  • Mabel Rosina Hockey was born in Bristol on July 2, 1905.  She married Denis Daniel Murphy (1901-1984) in 1937, and had two daughters:  Margaret and Sheila.  Mabel passed away in Bristol on April 11, 1996.
    • Margaret married Kenneth L. Banwell, and had two sons, Timothy James & Richard John Banwell.
    • Sheila first married Leonard Calvert, and had one son, Paul.  Sheila is now married to Robert Williams.
  • Charles David Hockey was born in Bristol on March 1, 1907, and passed away there in 1984.  He never married.
  • Frederick Robert Hockey was born in Bristol on August 2, 1911, and passed away there on September 25, 1984.  He was the husband of Lydia Taylor, and the father of Gillian.
  • Harry James Hockey was born in Bristol on March 12, 1915, and passed away there on November 10, 1991.  He never married.
  • Lilian May Hockey was born in Bristol on September 22, 1918, and passed away there in 1971.  She was the mother of Michael J. Hockey.
    • Michael Hockey married Jill Fowler.  They are the parents of Sarah Jane Hockey.
  • Albert Edward Hockey was born in Bristol on November 8, 1920, and passed away there on February 28, 1989.  He and his wife, Dorothy Edna Ind (1925-2002), were the parents of Alan Edward and Gary Paul Hockey. 
    • Alan Hockey married Rosemary Joy Didcott.  They are the parents of Charlotte and Christian Hockey, and the grandparents of Izzy Mae and Daisy.
William Robert Ball was born in Bristol in 1888.  He is found with his parents for the census of 1891 and 1901.  For the census of 1911, he is found living with his sister, Rosina Hockey.  He identified his occupation as Railway Carter.  By 1914, he lived at 77 Essex Street, with his brother Harry.  On October 23, 1915, he married Mary Caroline Lovell (1889-1967).  Together, they had one son and one daughter, William Robert and Rosina Caroline Ball.  William Ball passed away in Bristol in 1923.
  • William Robert Ball was born in Bristol on April 15, 1917.  He married Barbara Reeks in 1953.  Together they had three children: Terence, Patricia, and Valerie.  William passed away in 1993.
    • Terry Ball and his partner Anne Beckett are the parents of Shelley, and grandparents of Ila.
    • Patricia Ball married Royden Bourne.  They are the parents of Jayson, Richard, Ryan, and Shaun, and the grandparents of Connor.
  • Rosina Caroline (Rose) Ball was born in Bristol on May 11, 1923.  In 1945, she married David John A. Blundell (1915-1997).  They had two children, Alan and Elaine.  Rose Blundell passed away in June of 2013.
    • Elaine Blundell married Graham Baré.  They are the parents of Michelle and Jenna.
Harry James Ball was born in Bristol on August 22, 1892.  In 1914, when Harry Ball completed papers of attestation for the British army, he listed his next of kin as his sister, Emily Elizabeth, who lived in Cardiff, Wales.  He also stated that at the time he lived at 77 Essex Street in Bristol, with his brother William. Harry still lived at 77 Essex Street on August 8, 1921, when he married Florence Violet Russell (1904-1997).  They had two children, David Henry Ball (1921-1997) and Gerald Ball (1936-2002), neither of whom married. 
Albert John Ball was born Albert John Wyatt on June 13, 1902.  Following his mother's marriage to David Ball, he took on that surname.  He is found with his parents in the census of 1911, but no record of him exists after that.
Herbert Henry Ball was born in 1904 and passed away in 1905.

The Family of Harry James Ball
Harry James Ball was born in Bedminster and was baptized there on December 22, 1867.  He is found with his parents for both the census of 1871 and 1881.  On December 5, 1886, he married Elizabeth Derrick (1868-1956).  Like his father, Harry worked as a Publican, a Licensed Victualler and a Beer Retailer.  According to the census of 1891, Harry and Elizabeth managed the Masonic Hotel, while his family lived on North Street in Bedminster.  By 1896, Harry and Elizabeth had moved to the Coopers Arms located at Ashton Gate in Bristol.   Records show that Harry managed the Coopers Arms until 1928.  He died in Long Ashton, Bristol on July 2, 1933.  Harry James & Elizabeth Ball had four children:  Henry George, Herbert James, Frederick William, and Lillian Ida Ball.
As this photograph -taken in front of the Coopers Arms - makes clear, the family of Harry and Elizabeth Ball were willing to serve their country.  During World War One, all three of the Ball brothers served in the military.  From left to right are Harry, Henry, Elizabeth, Ida, Herbert, and Frederick Ball
Henry George Ball was born in Bristol in 1887. As early as 1906, Henry thought of emigrating to Canada, so he sailed there, and lived in Toronto with his uncle, Herbert Henry Ball.  A year later, however, he returned to Bristol.  In April of 1910, Henry went back to Canada, this time accompanied by his younger brother, Herbert James.  The two lived in Toronto, and even played for a local soccer team called the Pioneers Soccer Club.  In November, 1910, the two brothers returned to Bristol, arriving home on December 3, 1910.  Around this time, the two brothers began to play for the Bristol City Football Club.  A short time later, Henry married Florence Rosina Bacon (1891-1943).  It is interesting to note that Florence Rosina was the daughter of Francis Noot (Frank) Bacon.  He was one of the directors of the Bristol City Football Club, as well as the interim manger from October, 1910 until January, 1911.  Moreover, Frank Bacon was also a publican, the manager of the Masonic Hotel from 1897 until 1918.  Not surprisingly, then, Henry and Florence turned their hands to the same business: according to the Census of 1911, Henry and Florence Ball operated the General Elliott Hotel located at 73 East Street, Bedminster. 

In March of 1925, Henry again sailed to Canada, and again identified his contact as his Uncle Herbert, in Toronto.  According to the papers that he completed at the time, his wife and children would follow him at a later date.  In November of 1925, however, Henry returned to England.  On his arrival he stated that it was his intention to remain in England.  Henry George and Florence Ball had six children:  Harry, Sylvia, Lionel, Jack, Leslie, and Douglas Ball.  Henry George Ball passed away in Bristol in 1949.

  • Francis Henry (Harry) Ball was born in Bristol on November 19, 1911.  In 1936, Harry married Gladys E. Pratt (1914-1965), and moved to Yorkshire.  Harry passed away in Scarborough, Yorkshire in November of 1987.  He and his wife had no children.
  • Sylvia Beatrice Ball was born in Bristol on November 17, 1912.  In 1934, she married Joseph Alfred Barnard-Hopkins (1908-2000).  They had two children: a daughter, Josephine, and a son, Paul.  Sylvia passed away in Weston Super Mare in 1993.
    • Josephine (Josie) Barnarnd-Hopkins married Edgar Cole in 1961.  Today, they live south of Bristol.
    • Paul Barnard-Hopkins married Julia Pocock (1952-1999) in 1971.  They had two children, Mark and Lisa.
  • Lionel George Ball was born in Bristol on January 16, 1914.  He married Ivy Lilian Budd (1919-2005) in Bristol in 1939.  Lionel and Ivy had three daughters: Valerie, Geraldine, and Margaret.  Lionel passed away in Bristol in 1989.
    • Valerie June Ball was born in Bristol on May 4, 1940.  In 1960, she married Dudley Wallace Hooper (1934-1964).  Together, they had one son, Michael Dudley Hooper.  Valerie passed away in Bristol in November of 1985.
    • Geraldine first married Barrie J. Ball, and had a daughter, Mandy.  In 1982, Geraldine married William Gammon.
  • Jack W. Ball was born in Bristol in 1915, and passed away one year later.
  • Leslie Norman Ball was born in Bristol in 1920.  During World War Two, Les served his country in the Royal navy.  In 1942, Les married Janet Johnston in Manchester, and had a daughter named Vicky.  Les and Janet divorced, and in 1949, he married Lilian Elsie Osborne (1924-1970).  Les and Lilian had one daughter, Susan.  In 1974, following the death of Lilian Ball, Les remarried his first wife Janet.  Les passed away in Manchester in 2006
    • Susan Ball married professional football player Bobby Brown, and has two daughters, Lucy nad Katy.
  • Douglas James Ball was born in Bristol on July 4, 1921.  Like his brother, Doug also served in the Royal Navy.  For a brief period of time, while serving aboard HMS Ramillies, one of Doug's crewmates was Prince Philip Mountbatten, the future Duke of Edinburgh.  In 1942, Doug married Peggy Scattergood, and had a daughter, Caroline.  After his first marriage ended, Douglas married Peggy Irene Britton (1925-2003) in 1949.  They had one daughter, Rita.  Douglas Ball passed away in 2004.
    • Caroline was raised by her maternal grandparents, and retained the family name, Scattergood.  In the 1960's, Caroline danced with the Tiller Girls in London.  It was here that she met her husband, Roy Sone.  Although they later divorced, they had a daughter, Tracy Sone.
    • Rita married Philip Patch, and had a son, David.  Rita is now married to Robert Sirl.
Herbert James Ball was born in Bristol on March 5, 1889.  As described above, he spent a short period of time living in Toronto, but decided to return to Bristol.  He married Lilly Rosina Ball (1890-1952), in 1911, and had five children: Lillian, Herbert, Iris, Raymond, and Leonard.  Herbert James was a professional footballer (soccer player) for Bristol City, but passed away at the young age of 34.
  • Lillian Ida Ball was born in Bristol on September 24, 1912.  She and her husband, Harold Webb (1912-1980), were married in 1936.  They had one son, Robin Webb.  Lillian passed away in 2002.
    • Robin and his wife Pamela are the parents of Christopher Webb.
  • Herbert Harry Ball, twin of Lillian, was also born on September 24, 1912.  With his wife, Edith Mary Roberts (1915-2003), whom he married in 1938, he raised two sons, Robert and Michael.  Herbert passed away in 1993.
    • Robert and his wife Valerie are the parents of Bernice, Stephen, and Angela Ball.
    • Michael and his wife Carole are the parents of Gary and Deborah Ball.
  • Iris Flora Ball was born January 11, 1915.  In 1936, she married Frederick Francis John Staddon (1913-1990).  Together they had four children: Geraldine, John, Gillian, and Yvonne Staddon.  Iris Staddon passed away in 1994.
    • Yvonne and her husband, Robert Hart, are the parents of Steven, Sharon, and Samantha Hart.
    • Geraldine and her husband, Robert Winters, are the parents of Lisa and Vanessa Winters.
    • John was born in Bristol in 1944.  In 1967, he married Rachel Derrick.  They had no children.  John passed away in Bristol in 1992.
    • Gillian married Royston Harris (1942-2006).  They had no children.
  • Raymond Frederick Ball was born in Bristol on March 10, 1918.  In 1945, he married Betty Bave (1922-1998).  They had one daughter, Linda Ball.  Raymond passed away in Bristol in 1976.
  • Leonard Frank was born on February 1, 1921.  In 1948, he married Sybil Joan Milton (1922-1986). They had one daughter, Cynthia Ball.  Leonard passed away on March 6, 1988.
    • Cynthia and her husband, Brian Withyman, had three children:  David, Simon, and Anne-Marie
Frederick William Ball was born in 1892.  On November 19, 1917 he married Althea Lyall (1889-1951), who was known to the family as Olive.  At the time of his marriage, Fred was a Corporal in the Royal Garrison Artillery. Following the war, Fred and Olive lived at 15 Ashton Road, where they raised their son, Frederick James Ball.  Fred supported his family by working as a caretaker at the Coroners' Court building.  Frederick William Ball passed away in Bristol on September 5, 1961.
  • Frederick James Ball, known to the family as Freddy,  was born in Bristol on May 16, 1920.  On December 19, 1942, he married Doreen Marguerite Duncombe (1919-1999), from whom he later divorced.  They had no children. Freddy Ball continud to live in the family home at 15 Ashton Road until he passed away in 2000.
Lillian Ida Ball was born on January 14, 1898.  On March 12, 1921, she married Ernest Leslie Thomas (1901-1967).  Together, they had one son, Keith Leslie Thomas.  For a brief period of time, in 1925-26, the Thomas family also movd to Toronto, and lived near Herbert Henry Ball.  However, the marriage between Ida and Leslie Thomas ended in divorce, so Ida and Keith returned to Bristol. In 1926, Ida married Walter Wadsworth (1890-1951). Walter was a professional footballer who played first for Liverpool, but later for Bristol City, the same team that Herbert James Ball had played for.  Together, Ida and Walter would have two children:  June and Herbert William Wadsworth.  Ida passed away in Bristol in 1972.
  • Keith Leslie Thomas was born in Bristol on April 25, 1923.  He married Doreen Bertha Cowley (1919-1973) in Bristol in 1946.  Together, they had one daughter, Gillian.  In 1982, Keith married again, to Jean Duckett (nee Maynard).  Keith Thomas passed away in Bristol in 2005.
  • June Wadsworth was born in Bristol on June 30, 1929.  On April 11, 1962, June married Hedley James (Jim) Williams.  Jim Williams was a pilot in the Royal Navy.  He was killed on April 9, 1968 while attempting a dangerous training maneuver in the South China Sea.  June Williams passed away in Bristol in 1983.  June and Jim had no children.
  • Herbert William (Bill) Wadsworth was born in Bristol in 1930.  In 1955, he married Margaret Wood.  Bill and Margaret had four children: twin daughters Jacqueline and Susan, and sons David and Richard.
    • Jacqueline and her husband, Ralph Dunn, are the parents of Frances Susan and Catherine Jane Dunn.
    • Susan and her partner, Hugh McCann, are the parents of Hugh Owen McCann.
    • David and his wife Sarah are the parents of Emma Joan, James William, and Hannah Margaret Wadsworth.
    • Richard and his wife Emma are the parents of Tycho and Laya Wadsworth.

Not only did the children of Harry Ball spend time in Toronto with their Uncle Herbert, but Herbert Ball also spent time in Bristol.  This photograph of the two brothers together was taken in August of 1916, when Herb Ball had sailed to England.

Before she married Robert Ball, Mary Ann Cooksley had a child out of wedlock.  This child was George Cooksley, born in Bishopsworth, Bedminster on June 16, 1851.  In 1861, George Cooksley - as well as the Robert Ball family - lived with his grandmother, Mary Cooksley.  In 1871, the Robert Ball family had moved to a new location, but George continued to live with his grandmother.  When he turned 21, George joined the army, and eventually rose to become a Sergeant of the Royal Artillery.  In 1883, however, he was granted a medical discharge due to rheumatism and an enlarged heart.  After his discharge, he lived in his mother's home, until her death.  At that time, 1885, he received an inheritance of £300.00.  He also moved to Gloucester, where he lived until his death.  That death, sadly, came on January 19, 1902, when he was found dead in his bed by the landlady of his rooming house.  An inquest was held, and it was determined that he died of heart failure.  One witness at the inquest was his half-brother, Harry James Ball.  Harry made it clear that he was aiding his half-brother financially, as was another half-brother, Herbert Henry Ball.  George Cooksley was buried in Gloucester.

The Life and Career of Herbert Henry Ball
Herbert Henry Ball was born in the Parish of Bishopsworth, Somerset, England on September 9, 1863; he was baptized in St. Peter Church, Bishopsworth on November 15, 1863.  On October 24, 1885 he married Mary Ann Martin in Bristol.  [Follow this link to learn more about the Martin Family]  Not long after their marriage, Herb and Mary Ann Ball made the decision to leave England for Canada.  On July 19, 1886, they bordered the Dominion Line passenger ship Montreal in Liverpool.  Thirty-two days later, on August 20, 1886, after passing through Belfast, Ireland, they arrived at the port of Quebec.  From there, they made their way overland to Toronto.

Herb and Mary Ann initially made their home at 18 Camden Street, Toronto.  Herb found employment as a clerk for George F. Sproule, “Manufacturer and Importer of Frames, Mouldings, Fine Art and Fancy Goods” located at 134 Yonge Street.  By the 1890's, however, Herb and his family had moved to 1817 Yonge Street (see below), in an area known as Davisville, just north of Toronto.  Herb had also made a dramatic career change.

Sometime in the early 1890's, Herb Ball became a journalist for The Toronto World newspaper. The Toronto World was founded as a liberal newspaper in 1880, but in 1892 it came under the direction of William Findlay Maclean (1854-1929), and became a very conservative newspaper.  Like its longtime publisher, The World was in favour of public railways and utilities and Canadian nationalism. During its run, The World was often referred to as the most colourful of the numerous Toronto dailies since it often printed stories that the other newspapers would not print or would place in obscure spots. For most of its existence, though, The World operated in a precarious financial position until it was forced to cease printing in 1921. TheToronto World was eventually absorbed into the present-day Toronto Globe & Mail.

Herb Ball joined  The World in the early 1890's (about the same time it came under the control of William Findlay Maclean).  He remained with the newspaper until it terminated operation in 1921.  During that time, he rose through its ranks to become financial editor. 

It was from his position as a journalist that Herbert Ball would launch his third and final career in Canada, that of politician.  The article found here is from the Toronto Daily Star, dated Tuesday January 5, 1904.  In that year, a debate raged as to whether or not York County would prohibit alcohol.  As the son and brother of tavern keepers, it is not difficult to imagine his position, a position he apparently held with some passion!

Herb began in politics by serving on the Board of Education for North Toronto.  Next, he served as both an Auditor and (in 1911) a Councilman for the City of North Toronto.  In 1912, North Toronto was annexed by the City of Toronto.

Although not elected to that position until 1915, and in that office until 1919, Herb ran for Alderman of his new city as early as 1912.  The article found to the left is from The Toronto Daily Star, dated Saturday December 28, 1912.  In it, Herb clearly lays out his political platform.  The article to the right is from the Toronto World, dated Monday December 30, 1918.

Finally, in 1926, Herbert ran as a Conservative in the Toronto-Eglinton riding in the Ontario General Election.  The leader of the Conservative Party was George Howard Ferguson. On the morning of Thursday December 2, 1926, Herbert was able to read the following on page 13 of the Toronto  Daily Star:

Despite the fact that he was a member of the Ferguson government for only three years, Herbert was apparently quite busy, as he served in the following Parliamentary Committees:
  • Select Committee to consider the Rules of the House, March 14, 1929 - March 26, 1929
  • Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization, February 15, 1928 - April 3, 1928
  • Standing Committee on Municipal Law, February 15, 1928 - April 3, 1928
  • Standing Committee on Private Bills, February 15, 1928 - April 3, 1928
  • Standing Committee on Municipal Law, February 9, 1927 - April 5, 1927
  • Standing Committee on Private Bills, February 9, 1927 - April 5, 1927
  • Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization, February 9, 1927 - April 5, 1927
  • Standing Committee on Private Bills, February 5, 1929 - March 28, 1929
  • Standing Committee on Municipal Law, February 5, 1929 - March 28, 1929
  • Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization, February 5, 1929 - March 28, 1929

In 1929, Herb could have run for re-election, but chose not to.  This decision, however, was not without controversy.  Herb was challengd for his seat by fellow Conservative, Alvin Coulter Mclean.  Rather than split the party, Herb stepped aside.  It was rumoured by members of the Liberal Party that Herb Ball decided to forgo his safe seat in return for a political favour from the party.  Fuel was added to this fire when, on January 29, 1930 it was announced that Herb Ball had been granted the patronage position of King's Printer.

The King's Printer was appointed by the Governor in Council to act as the Deputy Minister for the Department of Public Printing and Stationery. This person was in charge of printing or reproducing documents, the sale of government publications, and the distribution of government stationery.  An example of such a document is found below.

To the Liberals it seemed obvious that Herbert Ball had surrendered his safe Conservative seat as a political favour, and now he had received his reward.  Following the defeat of the Conservative government of George Stewart Henry (successor to Ferguson) in 1934, Herbert Ball seems to have been one of the people most in the gun sites of the new, Liberal government of Mitchell Hepburn.  This is made clear in the interview recorded here in the Toronto Daily Star of Wednesday February 27, 1935:
Even as late as 1937, high ranking members of the Liberal party went out of their way to indicate that the appointment of Herbert Ball to the position of King's Printer was wrong, and that the Liberals were right to terminate him.  During an actual parliamentary debate, Harry Nixon (who would himself serve briefly as Premier in 1943) accused the previous Conservative government of political favourtism by putting civil servants into important jobs, specifically stating:  “And Herb Ball, what qualifications did he have to be King's Printer?”  (Toronto Daily Star, Tuesday March 28, 1937).

The Family of Herbert Henry and Mary Ann Ball
Herbert Henry and Mary Ann Ball had nine children, three of whom died young (Emily, Herbert Percival, and Irene Emily), and six of whom lived to adulthood (Edith Elizabeth, Ernest George Henry, Herbert Eldridge, Winnifred Mildred, Hilda Marion, and Colston Robert).  They raised this family in their home at 1817 Yonge Street, Toronto.  (Today, an Ethan Allen Department Store is at this location.)

On March 19, 1930, Herbert Ball remarried.  His second wife was born Alice May Jennings, on September 20, 1873.  (By 1930, however, she was a widow; her legal name was Alice Muston.)  They lived at the Ball home until Herbert's death in 1943.  Alice Ball died on October 18, 1945.

Mary Ann Ball died on July 1, 1924, as a result of arterio sclerosis.  As can be seen in this obituary, Herb Ball died on February 26, 1943.

Herbert Henry and Mary Ann Ball are laid to rest together in Mount Pleasant Cemetery with two of their children, Irene Emily and Edith.

Child One: Edith Elizabeth Ball 
Edith Ball was born on May 10, 1887.  On October 14, 1914, she married Frank Stocker (1889-1965) in Toronto.  Shortly after their marriage, the couple moved to Chicago, Illinois, where Frank worked as a carpenter.  Within a few years, however, they returned to Toronto, and for many years they lived at 1821 Yonge Street, next door to her parents.  Here they raised their two children, Herbert Thomas and Wanda Mary Stocker.  Edith Stocker passed away on March 18, 1950, and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
  • Herbert Thomas Stocker was born in Chicago on April 26, 1915.  He married Helen Little on October 3, 1952, and had one daughter, Patricia.  She is married to Ronald Miller; they have one daughter, Catherine.  Herb Stocker passed away in Toronto on September 11, 1967.
  • Wanda Mary Stocker was born in Toronto on April 5, 1920.  She married John Douglas Holmwood (1916-1977) on December 14, 1940.  John and Wanda Holmwood lived in Barrie, but had no children.  Wanda Holmwood passed away on May 4, 1996. She and her husband are laid to rest together in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. 

Child Two: Emily Ball
Emily Ball was born on July 1, 1888, and lived for only 16 days.  She is buried with her brother, Herbert Percival, in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
Child Three: Herbert Percival Ball
Herbert Percival Ball was born on June 18, 1889, and lived for only 2 days, the result of a premature birth.  He is buried with his sister in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
Child Four: Irene Emily Ball
Irene Ball was born on May 10, 1890, and passed away on August 22, 1907.  She is buried with her parents in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Child Five:  Ernest George Henry Ball
Ernest Ball (left) was born on November 26, 1891.  On January 26, 1915, he completed his Papers of Attestation, and joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  On May 13, 1915, as part of the 19th Battalion, he sailed from Montreal to England onboard the S.S. Scandinavian.  In England, he received further training before being sent to active duty, arriving in Boulogne, France on September 14, 1915.  In June of 1916, Ernie was sent temporarily to England to recover from a gunshot wound received at the front, before returning to active duty in France.  He left France in March of 1919, and spent two more months in England.  On June 2, 1919, Ernie left Liverpool onboard the S.S. Lapland, and arrived in Halifax seven days later.  He was discharged from the Canadian army in Toronto on June 11, 1919, as part of Canada's General Demobilization after the War.  Upon his discharge from the army, he returned to live in Toronto, and worked as an electrical engineer.  On December 11, 1923, he married Florence May Holmes.  The daughter of John William and Selina Holmes, Florence had been born in Derbyshire, England on May 22, 1900.  Ernie and Florence Ball had one son, Herbert Henry Ball.  Ernie Ball passed away on May 14, 1939; Florence Ball passed away on March 7, 1956.  They are laid to rest in Prospect Cemetery.
  • Herb Ball was born in Toronto in 1925.  Like his father, Herb Ball also served his country, as a soldier in World War Two. For many years, Herb and his wife, Kathelene (nee Fox), lived in Ajax, Ontario where they raised three children:  Lucille, Robert, and Steven Ball. Herb passed away in Ajax in 1984.
    • Lucille Ball married Robert (Bob) Hutchinson; they are the parents of Karen and Rick.  Rick and his wife Melissa are the parents of Blake, Cole, Trent and Jillian.
    • Robert (Bob) Ball married Maxine Tully.  Together, they had three children: Doug, Brian, and Jennifer.  Doug and his wife Trista are the parents of Austin.
    • Steven George Ball (1956-2011) first married Jaclyn Wells, and had two children:  Raymond and Michelle.  Later, he married Janice Bradley, helping to raise her children, Chris, and Katie.

Child Six: Herbert Eldridge Ball
Herbert Ball was born on July 17, 1893. On April 18, 1915, Herb completed his Papers of Attestation, and joined the Canadian army.  Like his brother, he served with the 19th Battalion, and on May 13, 1915, he sailed from Montreal to England onboard the S. S. Scandinavian.  He had enlisted as a private, but received a battlefield commission, and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant on May 14, 1916.  On July 5, 1916, this was made a permanent promotion.  On July 22, 1916, he was seriously wounded by multiple grenade explosions.  During his seven-month convalescence, he was actually able to travel home to Canada (when this photo appeared in the Toronto Daily Star).  It was during this time that he married Verna Ethel Warrington of Toronto.  After returning to England, Herb also spent time in Bristol, with his uncle, Harry Ball.  He returned to active duty in England in May of 1917, before rejoining the 19th Battalion in June of 1918.  He returned to Canada on May 13, 1919, and was discharged from the Canadian army on May 24, 1919, as part of Canada's General Demobilization after the War.

Upon his discharge from the army, Herb returned to Toronto.  Here he rejoined his wife Verna, as well as daughter Elisabeth, who was born in 1917.  In 1920, Herb and Verna had a second daughter, Corinne. After his return to civilian life, Herb worked for the Customs and Excise Department of Revenue Canada.  In 1929, his job saw him relocated to Buffalo, New York.  By 1945, Herb was back in Toronto:  he and his wife lived at 272 O'Connor Drive, until he passed away on July 12, 1956.  At that time, Verna moved to the town of Orchard Park, just south of Buffalo, to live with her daughter, Elisabeth.  Verna Ball died there in 1977.

  • Elisabeth B. Ball married John Helsdon, and had two children:  Margaret (Peg) and John.  Elisabeth died in Orchard Park in 1985.
    • Peggy was born in New York in 1942.  She married Steven Scheele, and lived in Colorado, where they raised two sons, Michael and Karl.  eggy Scheele passed away in Parker, Colorado in 2013.
    • John is married to Dolores Matuszak, and lives in Rapid City, South Dakota, near his daughters, Karen and Kristin.
  • Corinne Eleanore married Charles Louis Teschner, and had one son, Charles Louis Teschner, Jr.  Corinne died in Cleveland in 1987.
    • Charles Teschner, Jr. and his wife Ingrid live in Connecticut.

Child Seven: Winnifred Mildred Ball
Winnifred Ball was born on October 28, 1897.  On August 2, 1921, she married Cecil Henry  (Bud) Knowlton (1891-1948).  They lived in Toronto, where they raised their daughter, Daphne Juanita.  Winnifred passed away on May 3, 1973.  They are laid to rest together in Pine Hills Cemetery.
  • Daphne Knowlton married James Elmer Gosley on February 23, 1946.  (The article found to the left appeared in the Toronto Daily Star on Monday February 18, 1946.)  They lived in Scarborough, where they raised their three children:  Paul, Miriam, and Colleen.  Jim Gosley passed away in Scarborough on April 29, 1983.  Daphne passed away there on December 28, 1991.
    • Miriam is the mother of David McAllister.  David, and his wife Jennifer, are the parents of David James McAllister.
    • Colleen is the mother of David and Nicole Stinson.

Child Eight: Hilda Marion Ball
Hilda Ball was born on August 2, 1899.  In 1920, she married Oliver Wallace Elmore (1897-1968).  They lived in Toronto, where they raised their daughters, Mary Irene and Joan.  Hilda passed away on March 26, 1955.  They are laid to rest together in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.
  • Mary Elmore married John Ray Smithies (1921-1989) on October 4, 1951.  They lived in Barrie, Ontario, where they raised their son, John Wallace Smithies.  Mary Smithies passed away in Barrie on October 9, 1976.  Mary and John are laid to rest together in Barrie Union Cemetery.  John Smithies, Jr. has a daughter, Olivia Jennifer, and a son, Christopher David Smithies.
  • Joan Elmore married Frederick Eberlin (1932-2004), and had two children, Cameron and Lisa.  Cameron and his wife, Tracy, have four children:  Stephanie, Sarah, Shannon, and Samantha.  They live in Holland Landing, Ontario.  Lisa and her husband, Peter Dollery, have three children:  Ryan, Alexandra, and Kelly.  Joan Eberlin passed away on March 5, 2002.  Joan and Fred are laid to rest together in Elgin Mills Cemetery.

Child Nine: Colston Robert Ball
Colston Robert Ball was born on July 22, 1905.  On May 26, 1928, he married Gladys Holmes (1909-1964).  (She was the younger sister of Florence Holmes, Mrs. Ernie Ball.)  They lived in Toronto, and Orangeville, Ontario, where they raised their five children:  Lorraine, Eileen, Helen, John (Jack), and Robert (Bob) Ball.  Gladys passed away on May 18, 1964; Colston Ball passed away on December 12, 1969.  They are laid to rest in Riverside Cemetery.
  • Lorraine married Ray Gemmill.  She is the mother of Sharon, Brian, Karen and Kathy.  Sharon and her husband Lloyd Moore are the parents of James and Deborah, and the grandparents of Jacob, Andrew, Matthew, Robert, and Jessica.  Brian and his wife Theresa are the parents of Nicole, Sonya, Mari, and Bronwen, and the grandparents of Robbie, McKenzie, Zachary, Benjamin, Kira, and Gabrielle.  Lorraine passed away in Richmond Hill, Ontario 2013.
  • Eileen married Roy Shinniman, and lived in Orangeville, Ontario.  There, they raised their family of five:  Carol, Pat, Frank, Steven, and Peggy.  Carol is the mother of Larry, Stanley, and Shaun; and the grandmother of Elaine, Deanna, Danielle, and Nicole.  Pat is the mother of Cynthia, Wesley, and Mark; and the grandmother of Logan, Avery, and Jamie.  Eileen passed away in 1969.
  • Helen married John Lamb, and lived for many years in Durham, Ontario.  Here they raised their family of five: Barbara, Bruce, Bob, David, and Terry.  One son, John, died in infancy.  Barbara (1955-2012) was the mother of Carrie and Christopher, and the grandmother of Alexis and Joshua.  Bruce is the father of Jackie, John, and Jeremy, and the grandfather of Ciara.  Bob is the father of Pamela, Joseph, and Nathan.  David is the father of Brendan, Collin and Garrett.  Terry is the father of Coleson and Cylis.  Helen passed away in 1979.
  • Jack married Lois McConnell, and had three children:  Linda, Wayne, and Tracy.  Wayne and his wife, Mariana, are the parents of Andrew and Michael.  Tracy and her husband, Kelly, are the parents of Robyn and Tara.  Jack passed away in 2003.
  • Bob and his wife Marty had five children:  Michael, Robert, Lori, David, and Darren.  Lori is the mother of Krista and Kaillie.  David and his wife, Angela, are the parents of Shelby, Abigail,, and Alyssa.  Darren and his wife, Sarah, are the parents of Charlotte and Alexandra.  Bob passed away in 1992.

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