Semper ego auditor tantum? numquamne reponam
uexatus totiens rauci Theseide Cordi?
inpune ergo mihi recitauerit ille togatas,
hic elegos? inpune diem consumpserit ingens
Telephus aut summi plena iam margine libri
scriptus et in tergo necdum finitus Orestes?
--Juvenal Saturae I.1.1-6




Resources To Teach Yourself Beginning Latin

Online Texts/Tests

Oxford Latin Course, Drills NEW
Drills for each chapter of Oxford Latin Course (some not yet online) and a link to Latin vocabulary quiz.

Latin via Caesar Text
Latin grammar, vocabulary, translations and the text of C. Iulii Caesaris Commentarii De Bello Gallico .

Links to Quizzes Over Noun Forms
Self-grading quiz on terra, signum, servus, and lex, with more Latin noun to come.

Acceleration Reader
Sentence practice, drills, and readers.

Latin course by Dr. Peter Jones for all ages. From the Electronic Telegraph.

Latin Quiz
PC-based program available for downloading by ftp.

Paradigms et al.

Information on Latin Grammar
1st-5th declension Nouns and 1st/2d declension adjectives.

1st Declension Masculine Nouns.
68 nouns, including Greek imports, that are masculine yet part of what's thought of as the feminine first (-a,-ae,-ae,-am,-a, -ae,-arum,-is,-as,-is) declension.

Latin Grammatical Aid.
Help with endings.

Declension of Latin Nouns
From George Mason University. Test yourself on noun paradigms. Pick which declension and a noun will appear for you to decline. Answers at the bottom when you pick "check answers"

To Download

Latin Verb Conjugator.

Latinitas: Latin Language Software.
An interactive Latin grammar helper with demos keyed for the Oxford, Cambridge, or Ecce series and Wheelock.

Latin Parser to download
Beta Version of Visual Basic program to help translate from Latin to English.

Ancient History site at

On-line Textbooks

Dale A. Grote's Study Guide to Wheelock Latin
Grote addresses a need Wheelock didn't envision:lack of general knowledge of the rules of English grammar. Wheelock may well be the most popular Latin text. I'm on my third copy of it, not because I like it, but because I find it hard to be without.

A Brief Latin Grammar Aid

Prof. James O'Donnell's Latin Course.
(Based on Allen & Greenough's New Latin Grammar). A complete on-line Latin course.

Latin Grammar
Eric Conrad's research to help him translate 19th century mathematical Latin produced a series of notes on Latin grammar.

Lingua Latina.
nota bene you have to download these files, but if it's anything like the old Lingua, it's worth it. You may also try:


Why Your Kids Should Learn Latin
My essay for

An Intelligent Person's Guide to the Latin Language
From Middlebury Professor emeritus William Harris, a series of interesting essays on the Latin language with a lot of basic grammatical info.

Latin Questions and Answers
A FAQ explaining the terminology of Latin grammar, including what is a declension? a mood? a voice? plus paradigms of some of the common pronouns.

Latin Word Formation.
Essay on etymology and origin of bologna.

The Hard Little Words:
prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions. If you can't understand what the big deal is, consider the sentence:
My son ran.
Now add "away."

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