1. How was the chicken cooked at the House of Meat that Jerry went to with his girlfriend?

a.        It was a whole bird, stuffed with gorgonzola, and wrapped in ham.

  1. What New York Yankee promised Kramer that he would hit two home runs for a hospitalized kid?

a.        Paul O’ Neil

  1. What type of meat was it that Jerry stuffed in his pockets/napkins/couch?

a.        Mutton

  1. What type of candy did Elaine eat that made it hard for her to be understood?

a.        Jujubees

  1. What play was the song from that George continued to sing in front of Mr. Benes (Elaines Dad)?

a.        Les Miserables.

6.      The boxes of cereal in Jerry’s apartment are arranged how?

a.        Alphabetical order

7.      What kind of tea does Jerry drink that contains caffeine?

a.        Morning Thunder

8.      Name the movie that George, Elaine, and Jerry were supposed to see, but dog sitting got in the way for Jerry?

a.        Prognosis Negative

9.      Elaine wrote a script for what show?

a.        Murphy Brown

10.  What kind of chair did George get for a security guard?

a.        A rocking chair

11.  Who is the White Whale?

a.        Newman

12.  What movie actor did Kramer star with when he only had 1 line?

a.        Woody Allen

13.  The Susan Foundation Scholarship Opportunity was rewarded to a young man who wanted to be a(n) ____________ 

a.        Architect

14.  Jerry and Kramer think that the laundry man owner stole Jerry’s money that was left there. For revenge Kramer puts (this) in the washing machines.

a.        Concrete mix

15.  Crazy Joe Divola dresses up as what during the Italian Opera?

a.        Clown

16.  During a doctor’s visit, Jerry’s father gets what stolen?

a.        Wallet

17.  Jerry carries this for a while in place of his wallet.

a.        European Leather Carryall

18.  Where was the plane going in the final episode until they had to make an emergency landing?



19.  Elaine steals what off Putty’s car?

a.        Jesus fish

20.  What does George always say that his profession is, even if it’s a lie? 

a.        Architect

21.  What gift does George use that was intended for Joe Mayo but George enjoys so much that he lies and says he has not bought yet?

a.        Vibrating Chair/ Massage Chair

22.  Why did Jerry’s car smell so bad?

a.        The Valet had BO

23.  Why did all of a sudden George become a genius? What visual aid did Jerry use to explain what happened to George?

a.        No sex/head of lettuce

24.  What was Jerry’s girlfriend’s job at Mayo’s party?

a.        To keep Jerry away from the music

25.  Name three things George wanted to accomplish during the summer of George?

a.        Eat cheese

b.        Read a book

c.        Play Frisbee-golf

d.        What baseball team does George work for?


New York


26.  What city does Seinfeld take place in?


New York

27.  What was the problem with Jerry’s girlfriend’s hands? 

a.        Man hands

28.  What happened that caused the destruction of George’s picture of Jerry’s girlfriend that he was claiming was his dead fiancé to meet women?

a.        A Blow dryer caught it on fire

29.  What fruit squirted in George’s eye that causes him to wink?

a.        Grapefruit

30.  What item did George see in his car that caused him to not want to park in the parking lot, and wanted his money back?

a.        A used condom

31.  What famous actor did the car salesman tell George owned the car?

a.        John Voit

32.  What movie did Jerry and Keith Hernandez want to see?

a.        JFK

33.  Who supposedly spit on Kramer and Newman?

a.        Keith Hernandez

34.  What is the topic of the book that George brings in the bathroom and is forced to buy?

a.        Art

35.  What is the name of the company Kramer worked for but was on strike?

a.        H & H Bagels

36.  What is the name of Kramer’s lawyer?

a.        Jackie 


37.  The maestro gives this to Kramer, which gets him in trouble with his lawyer.

a.        The balm

38.  The maestro says that no houses are available where?



39.  What is exposed in Elaine’s Christmas card?

a.        Her nipple

40.  Susan works for what television station?

a.        NBC

41.  The bubble boy’s father works for what company?

a.        Yoo-Hoo®

42.  What is the product sold that Jerry and Elaine drive out of business that Rudy Giuliani helps?

a.        Not so Non-fat yogurt

43.  Jerry throws this item in the trash that his parents gave him.

a.        A watch

44.  Jerry points out that this is the number one condiment in the 


 mostly because people like saying it.

a.        Salsa

45.  What was the jacket made out of that Jerry spent big bucks on to get ruined walking to a restaurant?

a.        Suede

46.  Elaine’s what died while finding the car in the mall garage?

a.        Fish

47.  What did Jerry and George get in trouble for doing in the mall garage?

a.        Urinating

48.  What went on Kramer, Newman’s, and Elaine’s record?

a.        They kidnapped a dog

49.  Who does Newman have a crush on?

a.        Elaine

50.  What is Newman’s occupation?

a.        Mailman

51.  Where does Kramer finally hide the key to his safe?

a.        Next door neighbor’s bird’s feeding dish

52.  What of Jerry’s was locked in the safe?

a.        Jerry Lewis’ cuff links

53.  What did Kramer mean: “I am out there Jerry and I am loving every minute.”

a.        He is not wearing any underwear

54.  Elaine does what to take care of the troubling mail room employee?

a.        Promote him

55.  Why doesn’t George’s father cook anymore?

a.        He over-seasoned during the army

56.  George’s mother catches him doing something to this magazine.

a.        Glamour

57.  Fill in the blank: They’re real and they’re ____________.

a.        Spectacular

58.  What was the name of the sitcom that George and Jerry Wrote?

a.        Jerry

59.  What does Susan have a large collection of?

a.        Dolls

60.  What book did Kramer write?

a.        Coffee table book about coffee tables

61.  What show did Kramer go on as the result of his book?

a.        Regis and Kathy Lee

62.  Seinfeld vocab: What’s the definition of the vault?

a.        A secret that won’t be told

63.  Seinfeld vocab: What is a Smoopie?

a.        Pet name

64.  What is George’s excuse when Jerry’s girlfriend walks in on him changing and begins to laugh?

a.        The water was cold

65.  What does Vandalay Industries manufacture?

a.        Latex

66.  During a piano concert starring George’s girlfriend, what does Jerry put on Elaine’s lap that makes her laugh out loud?

a.        Tweety pez dispenser

67.  During the scene with Kramer, George, and Jerry in the 
 hills of LA, George questions what on his sandwich?

a.        The Pickle

68.  During the trip to LA Jerry and George are in the back of the police car and George is so hungry that he tries to steal what kind of cookie from the cops?

a.        Milano

69.  George and Jerry formulate a plan to do a successful roommate switch. What did the plan call for Jerry to discuss with the girl he was currently going out with to begin the plan?

a.        Menagez-toi (3-some)

70.  What does George give to Kramer after Susan’s father gave to George, that later gets Susan’s father’s cabin on fire?

a.        Cuban cigars

71.  What song could George not get out of his head when meeting Elaine’s father?

a.        Master of the House

72.  Elaine bids on whose golf clubs for J. Peterman?

a.        JFK’s

73.  What were Kramer and Newman hauling in the back of Newman’s mail truck? What holiday gave them the excuse to do this? What were they pursuing?

a.        Can and Bottles

b.        Mother’s Day

c.        Jerry’s stolen car

74.  Jerry calls in a bomb threat to Yankee Stadium to get George’s boss out of his office. What was his first demand? His second?

a.        Fitted hats, a phone call when a game is rained out

75.  What was the last piece of paper George put in his wallet before it exploded?

a.        Guitar lesson, first one free

76.  Kramer adopted what and cleaned it up?

a.        A mile on a highway

77.  How did George’s fiancé die?

a.        Poisoned envelopes

78.  Sue Ellen Mischke is heir to what fortune?

a.        OH Henry candy bar

79.  When George and Jerry went to get soup at the soup nazi, George makes clear that they forgot to give him what?

a.        Bread

80.  When George, Kramer, and Tony, Elaine’s boyfriend, went climbing, what did George bring?

a.        Sandwiches

81.  After Putty decides to lose the fur coat, he wears a jacket with bright colors. What number was pictured on the back of his new jacket?

a.        8

82.  Putty said, when Elaine questioned where they should eat: “Feels like a(n) _______ night.”

a.        Arby’s®

83.  What bet did George loose to cause him to have to execute the “perfect Airport Pick up?

a.        Touch the ceiling

84.  After Kramer installed the industrial air conditioner it fell out of the window onto what?

a.        A dog

85.  Jerry’s cousin works for what?

a.        The park service

86.  After Kramer’s girlfriend runs out of her office after Jerry heckles her, she loses her pinky toe. What does Kramer put the lost toe in?

a.        Cracker Jack Box

87.  What was the name of the clown at George’s girlfriend’s son’s party where the fire occurs and George runs out of the house?

a.        Eric

88.  What noodle does Kramer use to create the Bette Midler statue that he gives her in the hospital?

a.        Macaroni

89.  Jerry knocks what item of his girlfriend’s in the toilet?

a.        Toothbrush

90.  What parade was taking place that caused Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and George to get caught in traffic?

a.        Puerto Rican

91.  George and Elaine on the way back from the flea market, when George found a parking spot in front of Jerry’s building did George back in or pull in head first?

a.        Back in

92.  When Jerry and Elaine were trying to pick up food to bring to a party that they were late for, what kind of cookie did Jerry pick out?

a.        Black and white

93.  During the flight on an airplane where Jerry sits in first class, he is amazed about the even fudge distribution of what popular dessert?

a.        Sundae

94.  What Broadway play was Bette Midler supposed to star in before she went to the hospital?

a.        Rochelle, Rochelle

95.  Jerry’s girlfriend who took Bette Midler’s place in the play got what troubling news but thinks it is no big deal?

a.        Grandma died

96.  What is Kramer’s rooster’s name? 

a.        Little Jerry Seinfeld

97.  After Kramer burns himself with a Café Latté, what is rewarded to Kramer after the settlement?

a.        Free lattés for life

98.  What was the name of the CK cologne that was stolen from Kramer? 

a.        The Ocean

99.  Jerry makes a bet with Kramer that Kramer will do this to his apartment; Kramer decides not to go through with the idea but says he didn't lose the bet. What was the bet?

a.        Levels

100.     Kramer swam in this river.

East River

101.     Kramer loves his women to wear what in their hair?

a.        Velvet scrunchy

102.     George claimed to have an extremely large house in this upscale town.

a.        The 


103.     In George Costanza’s supposed house in the 


 there were this many Solariums.

a.        Two

104.     On the trip to the flea market G/E hit a pothole and Jerry’s can now makes a noise. What did Elaine tell Jerry happened?

a.        “A wild pack of teenagers chased us then we hit a pothole and the can is making a weird noise.”

105.     Who did George and Elaine neglect to invite to the flea market?

a.        Kramer

106.     During the episode in LA, after his conversation with the LAPD, Jerry tells George what?

a.        Their sending “The black and white”

107.     What did Jerry assault the old woman in order to get?

a.        A Marble 


108.     What kind of animal did George hit in his attempt to show his girlfriend that he saves pigeons?

a.        Squirrel

109.     What did Jerry attempt to use to show his girlfriend “Bad Naked”?

a.        Belt Sander

110.     This was Jerry’s girlfriend, the virgin’s, occupation.

a.        Closet Organizer

111.     Jerry claimed to be going here in order to escape having his closet organized?

a.        “The 



112.     What type of garbage disposal did Putty help Kramer install in his bathtub?

a.        A Clarkman

113.     This is who Putty helped get over her germ phobia.

a.        Nina from Elaine’s office

114.     Elaine does what to make Nina sick? (3 parts)

115.     Puts her stapler under her arm.

116.     Rubs her keyboard on her butt.

117.     Coughs on her door handle.

118.     This is the item that Elaine puts on the cover at the J. Peterman catalog.

a.        Urban 

119.     This is where Peterman called Elaine from to tell her that he was “burned out”.



120.     George has this installed under his desk at NYY Headquarters

a.        A sleeping shelf

121.     This is the type of sandwich George prefers during sex.

a.        Pastrami on 


122.     Kramer attempts to make a “bladder” to transport what?

a.        Crude oil

123.     What liquid does Kramer put in Jerry’s car because it was over heating?

a.        Blood

124.     What do they call Sue Ellen Mischke?

a.        The Braless Wonder

125.     What is the name of Jerry’s Mechanic? 

a.        “Joe”

126.     What does Joe, Jerry’s over protective mechanic, tell him right away is the matter with his car?

a.        The shifter is loose

127.     What item did Jerry’s girlfriend put in his toilet?

a.        Toilet brush

128.     What toy did Jerry always want, but never got?

a.        A GI Joe

129.     Jerry and George use what to make Jerry’s girlfriend fall asleep?

a.        A Box of Wine and a 


130.     What did Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer have to see?

a.        The baby

131.     What did Kramer illegally take from the ocean?

a.        Lobster

132.     What did George pull from the blowhole of the whale during the episode when he claims to be a marine biologist?

a.        A golf ball

133.     What is the number where Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer parked the car they lost at the mall?

a.        Purple 23

134.     What did Kramer sell to Pendant Publishing?

a.        Cigar Store Indian

135.     What did Jerry ask the postman for in the episode with the Cigar Store Indian?

a.        Location of a Chinese food restaurant

136.     What did Kramer retrieve from a dumpster from out in front of NBC studios?

a.        Merv Griffin Set

137.     What restaurant was put in outside of Kramer’s window that has been keeping him awake?

a.        Kenny Rogers Roasters

138.     How is George commonly described?

a.        A short stocky bald man

139.     What does Elaine give the guy who keeps sneaking up on her?

a.        Tic tacs

140.     What happens to the Cadillac that Jerry gives his parents?

a.        It gets driven into a lake

141.     What gift does Jerry give his dad before the elections?

a.        Wizard tip calculator

142.     Where do Mr./Mrs. Seinfeld live?

a.        Del Boca 

143.     How much did Jerry pay for the Wizard tip calculator?

a.        $200

144.     Frank collects what?

a.        T.V. Guide

145.     Who was on the cover of the TV Guide that Elaine takes?

a.        Al Rocher

146.     What food did Kramer jump off the subway for, and didn’t make it back on?

a.        A gyro

147.     What is the one thing Frank “will not tolerate”?

a.        Infestation

148.     What happens to ruin George’s hand modeling job?

a.        He gets pushed into an iron

149.     What is Kramer’s mom’s name?

a.        Baabs

150.     What are Jerry, George, and Kramer saying on the front steps of the jail in CA?

a.        “Cause the murderer struck again”

151.     What TV program did Jerry wear the puffy shirt?

a.        “Today” on NBC

152.     What did Kramer tell Jerry he looked like while he was wearing the puffy shirt?

a.        A pirate

153.     What did Elaine say “ate your baby”?

a.        A dingo

154.     What is the key to Elaine’s vault?

a.        Schnapps

155.     Who did George have sex with at his desk?

a.        The Cleaning woman

156.     What thank you gift did George give Elaine for getting him the job?

a.        A cashmere sweater with a red dot

157.     Why does Kramer make Little Jerry Seinfeld cock fight?

a.        So Jerry could get his check taken down.

158.     How much money do Mr. / Mrs. Seinfeld send Jerry when they find out he bounced a check?

a.        $50

159.     Where does Jerry say he will go to dinner with Bania?

a.        Mendy’s

160.     What does Bania give Jerry in exchange for two meals?

a.        An Armani Suit

161.     In the Final Episode where did the plane make the emergency landing?



162.     What is the name of the Judge in the final Episode?

a.        Judge Vandalay

163.     What is the name of the Marble Rye woman?

a.        Mabel Chote

164.     What is the name of the bakery where Jerry got the marble rye?

a.        Snitzers

165.     How did the doctor, on duty the night Susan died, describe George’s reaction?

a.        Restrained Jubilation

166.     What is the name of the library cop?

a.        Joe Bookman

167.     How long was Jerry’s book over due?

a.        25 Years

168.     What is the name of the poisoning Jerry claimed he could get if he did not urinate?

a.        Uromisotises Poisoning

169.     What is the name of the Soup Nazi?

a.        Yev Kasem

170.     In the final episode where did Baboo Batt come from?



171.     How long did Geraldo say the Jury was in deliberation in the final episode?

a.        4 and ½ hours

172.     What was the topic of the conversation that George and Jerry have in the final episode as they did in the premiere episode?

a.        The Second button

173.     What item did Jerry have of Baboo’s that caused Baboo much trouble?

a.        His citizenship papers.