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1. Lion’s Blood 

By Steven Barnes

      1. Without Sanctuary

    Lynching Photography In America

    by James Allen

This is a shockingly unbelievable collection of photographs of  barbarians and their victims.  The inhumane acts of  crimes committed against melaninated people should be used by proponents for reparations at the human rights tribune.  A visual documentation of  why they cry racism too much. White supremacy in it's true nature revealed.

2. Somebody To Catch My Drift

By Jacqueline Powell


2. PowerNomics:

The National Plan To Empower Black America

by Claud Anderson, Ed.D

Just like Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Claud Anderson, in his new book, PowerNomics: The National to Empower Black America, gives the reader a chance to follow racism to see how far down the rabbit hole it goes...PowerNomics is the action plan in a haunting trilogy”. His two earlier books, Black Labor, White Wealth and Dirty Little Secrets, both ranked high on best sellers lists. 
PowerNomics Corporation Of America, Inc. Publisher 
cloth $27.00 ISBN 0-9661702-2-9 

Note: Interest sponsors for bringing Claud Anderson to Portland, Oregon should contact Gloria McMurtry at (503) 288-6942 


3. Cane River 

By Lalita Tademy

3. Holy Qur’an 

By Maulana Muhammad Ali

  Paper Back Fiction

Paper Back Fiction


7. The Willie Lynch Letter And 

The Making Of A Slave 

by Lushena Books

  "The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making Of A Slave is a study of the scientific process of man breaking and slave making. It describes the rationale and the results of Anglo Saxon's ideas and methods of insuring the master/slave relationship."  First written in 1712, this letter is still pertinent today and is a must read for all descendants of the African diaspora.



9. Postal Blues

A  Murder Detective Mystery

by Vincent R. Alexandria

"Detective Joe Johnson and his partner, Vernon Brown, are thrust into a chaotic situation with tense consequences as they find out what going postal is all about. 
While planning his partner's twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Detective Johnson finds himself protecting his partner's wife, Gertude, when they are taken hostage in the middle of a bloody massacre at the main postal facility in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This Postal drama intensifies when the two detectives are assigned to the Missouri River Serial Killer case and team up with the beautiful, intelligent, and seductive FBI agent, Cheryl Chase. They soon discover there are postal ties to the serial killer. Once the Missouri Governor gets involved, the Mayor of  Kansas City promises swift results at any expense. Will these cases of murderous, intellectual, cat and mouse end in a dead letter, another body, or a headline which will read, Postal Blues?" 

ShanKrys Publishing 
pap. $14.95 ISBN 0-9666503-3-6 Fiction Mystery 

Note: Author will be present during  Reflections workshop and Author's cruise during September 8th and 9th, 2001.

9. Callus On My Soul 

A  Memoir

by Dick Gregory with Shelia P. Moses 

"Thirty years  after the publication of his best-selling autobiography Nigger, Dick Gregory has written an updated account of his life so far.  In Callus On My Soul, he offers us memorable stories about the many political, social, and humanitarian causes he has fought for and the extraordinary people he has known, including Dr. martin Luther King, Jr.; the Kennedy brothers; Muhammand Ali; Bill Crosby; John Lennon; and the Ayatollah Khomeini."



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Longstreet Press

cloth $25.00 ISBN 1-56352-554-2 Memoir

10. How To MakeBlack America Better

by Tavis Smiley
one of America's most celebrated and respected commentators, former BET talk show host Tavis Smiley, brings together the voices of countless widely admired African Americans in a rich, provocative, and solution-oriented exploration of the challenges facing Black America. How To Make Black America Better opens with Tavis Smiley’s twelve “challenges” to the African American Community. At the heart of the book is a collection of original essays written by celebrated figures ranging from one to several pages in length, each with its own assessment of vital issues in the African American community." 

cloth $21.95 ISBN 0-385-50214-1 Editorials 

Children Books

This guide, compiled by the founders of the nation's leading organizer of festivals for African American children's books, share their expert advice on how to choose the best African American children's books featuring boys as main characters. Includes descriptions of over 600 books with indexes, award listings, and more.
John Wiley & Sons 
pap.$15.95  ISBN 0-471-37527-6  Literary Guide

Children Books

This guide to African American children's books features, girls as the main characters, includes tips on choosing books with positive role models and heroines. It includes descriptions of over 600 books, with guidelines for parents of girls, index of title, topic, author and illustrators.
John Wiley & Sons 
pap.$15.95  ISBN 0-471-37526-8  Literary Guide



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