I filed a law suit against Laura Pope of Willow Creek Siberians in September of 2003 for the return of  Ch. Sedona's How Do You Like Me Now. Before I filed the law suit a demand letter was sent to Pope for the return of Tobi. Pope never contacted me. Instead she had her handler Marie call me. Marie told me to back off. That was not going to happen. So a law suit was filed for breach of contract.  I found out I was lied to by Laura Pope from the very beginning. Laura Pope broke several key issues of my contract. It has been a very long and drawn out law suit not to mention very expensive. My attorney bill so far has come to over 6,000.00 as of this writing. Other breeders have told me I am crazy for doing this, but once I saw the living conditions of the dogs I knew I was doing the right thing. Pope had been telling other breeders that Tobi was at Theresa Werders house and that, that "bitch" that would be me, would never get Tobi back. That did not stop me from going after her for the other animals she had on her property. It's about the animals they need to have someone speak for them. This has been an going on case for a year now and at every turn Pope has lied and made nothing, but excuses to not get this case before the courts. Pope said she could not afford to fly out. I offered to pay her air fare. Than it was I don't have anyone to take care of my son. I offered to pay for the son's flight also than it was well I can't get away at this time. The list goes on and on.

I have posted some of the lies that was told to the courts by Laura Pope.


This shows Tobi's entry in the catalog and the number of her arm band, was 18.

You can see this is the same picture shown below that Laura Pope told the courts she sent me by email in May. The picture was not even taken until Sept. 2003. I would like her to explain that one.

The picture  was not taken until Sept.2003 at the Hutchinson KC.
Laura Pope signed a sworn affidavit that stated everything she has stated in her affidavit is the truth. Laura Pope gave this as evidence to the courts. Laura Pope said she sent me that email in May. How can that be? Email was in May 2003 and the picture not taken until Sept.2003.  Look at the arm band number Marie has on #18 also the akc print out has a list of the shows Tobi was entered in. It shows the date of the win and the catalog also shows the date of the win. The arm band number for Sedona's How Do You Like Me in the catalog is the same number Marie is wearing number 18. Also the judge is the same in both pictures. Because it's the same picture. Laura Pope tried to trick the courts plain and simple. Laura Pope altered all the emails given to the court. Pope has made a mockery of the legal system and should be ashamed of herself for all the lies she has told to the courts. The pictures she gave to the courts was of very poor quality, that is why it looks so bad on my site. It was not my doing. I copied what she gave the courts. She did it like that on purpose so no one would be able to see the clarity of the pictures, hoping no one would notice. Now everyone can she's nothing but a LIAR!!!

Laura Pope also said she emailed this picture to me of Tobi. This is not even Tobi. Look at the show picture above than look at this picture. Even to someone that doesn't know Tobi can tell it's a different dog, this is NOT TOBI!!!!!. and sentences were put in that were not even in the original mail.

Above is a demand letter from Laura Pope for me to pay her $20,000.00, yes $20,000.00 for the return of Tobi.
I asked my attorney to let Laura Pope know if she returned Tobi I would drop the law suit. Above was Laura Popes response to my offer.

Look at the generous offer their making me (NOT).

Have you ever heard of such a dumb excuse?

It's been a very long journey, but Tobi has finally been found and is Pregnant. Tobi is now in foster care since the raid and arrest of Laura Pope. It contradicts what Laura said in a sworn affidavit to the courts just days before the raid that she has not been able to get Tobi pregnant. Just another lie!  Look at her water bowl. There is no water and it's full of nasty wet straw...... This picture was taken the day of the seisure.

I tried to file a restraining order to keep Laura from breeding Tobi until this case was settled. The day before the hearing was to go forward to get a restraining order to keep Pope from breeding Tobi, this was given to my Attorney and to the Judge. So I had to drop my case in regards to getting a restraining order. There was no since getting a restraining since Laura said Tobi had already been bred and was pregnant. Which now contradicts what she is now trying to tell the courts.  The dog that she talks about in the court papers is not even the dog  that bred Tobi. She has done nothing but lie since day one. Pope could also not produce papers showing Blu had, had his eyes and hips done.  There was nothing on the OFA site or the SHOR site that could validate her story. She also had no receipts to show the courts that indeed they had been done. Later in another sworn affidavit she said she has never been able to get Tobi pregant even after several attempts have been made over the coruse of the 2 years Pope has had Tobi.

This is not the dog Pope even bred to Tobi. Again another lie.

This is a lie none of the charges against Pope have been droped.
Her first attorney quit/or was let go. That is why another court date had to be set for Oct. 29th, 2004.
After the alleged animal abuser Laura Pope of Willow Creek Siberians was arrested on 95 counts of animal abuse, my attorney sent her attorney a letter asking that she just sign Tobi over instead of waiting for the judges decision. This was her reply. You would think she would have bigger things to worry about instead of still trying to hold on to Tobi.
Pope was in court again on 1/21/05 None of the charges were dropped or thrown out and a trial date has been set for 6/21/05

During a court deposition Pope stated she had 20 dogs. lie
Pope stated she had not worked since 1984. Pope said she was disabled. lie
Pope said she had the males eyes and hips done before breeding Tobi. lie
Pope said she sent me emails and pictures of Tobi. lie
Pope also said she did not know Kathleen Casey. lie
The dog Pope said she bred Tobi to. lie
I think the only thing that was the truth, that Pope told under oath was her age.

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