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I purchased this car in Pennsylvania with 26,750 original miles from the second owner.  I spoke with the original owner's wife soon after I got the car and was informed that the car was pampered from day one.  It was parked on a wooden platform that was built to keep the car off the concrete floor!!  The second owner purchased the car and had it only 1 year.  He only drove it on nice days, also.  They enjoyed the car, but had too many.  When I bought the car, it looked like a new car.    
I drove the car back to Minnesota, a 1200 mile trip.  I expected more performance out of the car and gave the car a tuneup and replaced the shocks.  Little did I know, the performance I was getting, was factory performance.  (I was used to a Camaro with a 350!!)  Oh well, at least it'll continue to run well.  I posted a lot of pictures, so check 'em out!  


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As much as I love this car, I have sold it.  My reasons were many.  I was hoping to move out of Minnesota and the car could be driven year round.  That didn't happen.  The second reason, my wife and I show Camaros and I needed a truck to trailer the cars around the country.  Third reason, this car is car #5!  I can't afford 5 cars.

Technical Information on the Olds 442 and Hurst Olds can be found on personal pages under Olds Links.  I didn't want to duplicate others efforts.