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At this point, we begin to get into optional data elements essential for character development, but not to the basic character creation.  If you are in a hurry to create a character, you may skip this Section and got to Section I.

Social Class:

All characters roll their social class on this table:

01-04 Lower Lower Class (LLC)
05-10 Middle Lower Class (MLC)
11-20 Upper Lower Class (ULC)
21-35 Lower Middle Class (LMC)
36-55 Middle Middle Class (MMC)
56-87 Upper Middle Class (UMC)
88-96 Lower Upper Class (LUC)
97-99 Middle Upper Class (MUC)
00 Upper Upper Class (UUC)

Lower Lower Class (LLC) - Outcasts, serfs, slaves, beggars, charnel house workers. 

Middle Lower Class (MLC) - Tenant farmers, servants of the rich.

Upper Lower Class (ULC) - Lay brother, freeman, laborer

Lower Middle Class (LMC) - Skilled laborer, journeyman, yeoman, mercenary

Middle Middle Class (MMC) - farmer owning land, craftsman, midwife, tavern owner, friar, poor priest, guild member.

Upper Middle Class (UMC) - Guild journeyman, landless knight, priest, lawyer, physician.

Lower Upper Class (LUC) - Poor Baron, landed knight, Abbot of a small monastary, Mayor, Guild-Master, Alderman (of a city)

Middle Upper Class (MUC) - Baron, Count, Earl, Lord Mayor (of a city), Bishop, Earl

Upper Upper Class (UUC) - Higher nobility (Duke, Marquis, King, Prince, Emperor), Archbishop, Primate, Patriarch.

Birth Order:

For birth number, characters roll on this table; there are racial adjustments to this and the marital status table as follows:
Dwarf, -15
Elf -20
Gnome -20
Half-Elf -10
Half-Orc +10
Human 0

Die Roll Order of Birth
01-05 Only Child
06-10 1
11-20 2
21-35 3
36-50 4
51-65 5
66-80 6
81-85 7
86-90 8
91-94 9
95-97 10
98-99 11
100 12

For number of children in the family, if the character is not indicated as an only child, roll again, including racial modifiers, but add +20 to the roll. If the number is greater than 100, the number is 12+ the number which would be indicated if the roll were the amount over 100, that is, a roll equivalent to 120 would be 12 for the 100, plus 2 for a roll of 20, equals 14. If the number is equal to or less than the child number of the character, the character is the last child (that is, there are as many as his number and no more), unless he is a first and not an only, in which case there are two children.

Parent's Marital Status

Dwarf, -15
Elf -20
Gnome -20
Half-Elf -10
Half-Orc +75
Human 0

Die Roll Order of Birth
01-80 Married Parents
81-100 Unmarried Parents

For parents' marital status of characters, roll a percentage, and modify for race as above. Any result over 80 indicates unmarried parents.

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