Genealogy of Will & Sandi Pearson
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Welcome to the genealogy home of Will (Murray) & Sandi (Campbell) Pearson.

This is a genealogy record of our families along with a narrative of their travels.  It is a continuing project.

Please enjoy it and your comments are always welcome.

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Major Genealogy Records Included in This Document:

Campbell of Argyll crest

Campbell Family Index

Campbell Family of Eastern Tennessee (Please bear with us: the Campbell Family is yet to be written.)

Hatcher Family from Bainbridge County, Georgia

Hamilton Family Index

William Brewster, leader of the Mayflower Expedition, England > Plymouth Colony

Capt George Denison of Connecticut

Griswold Family from England > Connecticut

Latimer Family of New London Connecticut > Tennessee

Brigance Family from Pennsylvania > Tennessee > Arkansas

Hamilton Family from Scotland > Tennessee > Arkansas > Texas

Houston Family Index

Houston Family from North Carolina > Madison County, Tennessee > Texas
Jordan Family of Bedford > Henderson Counties, Tennessee

Mullins Family Index

Mullins Families from England > North and South Carolina > Georgia > Mississippi > Arkansas
Sparks Family from Virginia > North Carolina > Georgia > and eventually Arkansas

Murray Family Index

Murray Family from South Carolina > Mississippi > Texas (With a possible link to Pennsylvania)

Bush Family of Virginia

Walker Family from Scotland > “Toaping Castle”, Maryland > South Carolina > Mississippi

West Family from Virginia > Kentucky > Texas

            Note: At this time there has not been a genealogy connection made by our research to Gen. Sam Houston of Tennessee and Texas fame but the research continues. Nor has there been any relationship connection found connecting our family to Alexander Hamilton, whose picture graces the $10 bill, or ex-president George Herbert Walker Bush.

Other items that may be of interest:

Scotland - A Brief History plus the Battle of Culloden Moor (1745)

Settling in the British North American Colonies 

Land Ownership in the New United States

Personal Biography and Dedication

Research Help and Special Notes

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