Federal Census Cobb County, Georgia 1850
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Federal Census - Cobb County, Georgia, 1850

Head of Households and Residents

Budd MULLINS, age 80, farmer, born in NC.  Page 131, Baits' District

Thomas MULLINS, age 52, born in NC

In this case Bud is probably about 92, and Thomas is 59.  Unfortunately the is the first census that we would learn Bud's wife's name, and she is not enumerated.  Presumably she died in the last 10 years.


Samuel MULLINS, age 40, farmer, born in GA.  Page 133.

Rachael MULLINS, age 36, born in GA

Nancy MULLINS, age 16, born in GA

Jackson MULLINS, age 14, born in GA

Lucinda MULLINS, age 12, born in GA

Moses MULLINS, age 10, born in GA

Samuel MULLINS, age 8, born in GA

Manda (Amanda) MULLINS, age 6, born in GA

James MULLINS, age 4, born in GA

George MULLINS, age 1, born in GA

Samuel in Bud's son and he is in the process of having a very large family, 10 children in all.  By 1860 they have moved to Mississippi after living in Alabama for a while.


James GERMAN, age 38, farmer, born in SC.  Page 182, Baits' District

Ausborn MULLINS, age 45, born in SC

Willy MULLINS (male), age 47, farmer, born in SC

Mahaler (Mahalia) MULLINS, age 25, born in GA

Elizabeth MULLINS, age 20, born in GA

Budd MULLINS, age 19, born in GA

Reuben MULLINS, age 15, born in GA

John MULLINS, age 13, born in GA

Francis J. MULLINS, age 9, born in GA

This census record certainly allows for a lot of speculation.  Who was James German?  He also has not been researched.  Ausborn (Osborn) and Willy (William) are living together with 6 children.  These children are most likely Osborn's for three reasons.  One, in Bud's will written in 1846, he makes note that Osborn has a son named Bud whom he leaves a "Bay Horse which is now in the possession of Ausborn Mullins my son."  Two, there is a family name resemblance among the children, and third Ausborn is listed first with Willy and the children next. 

Whoever Willy was, he was alive in 1850, and if he was another of Bud's sons, he would have been mentioned in Bud's 1846 will.