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Descendants of Matthew MULLINS I



Generation No. 1


1. Matthew1 MULLINS I died in Albermarle, Virginia.

More About Matthew MULLINS I:

Census: 1740, Goochland, Virginia (Reconstructed)


Children of Matthew MULLINS I are:

2 i. Richard2 MULLINS I. He married Mary STEPHENS.

3 ii. Patrick MULLINS I, born Abt. 1704; died Aft. 1767. He married Mary (Mullins).

Notes for Patrick MULLINS I:


1756 Earl Granville gives 325 acres in Rowan County to Patrick Mullens on March 15, 1756. This acreage is on both sides of the Dan River.

1757 Book 2 of Rowan County, NC, pg. 217 recorded on October 15 1757: Patrick Mullings Sr. and wife Mary sell 120 acres on south side of Dan River for £10 to Enoch Conoly. Witnessed by Thomas Mullin and Noble Lad. This tells us that there was a Patrick Mullins Jr.

1763 Rowan County deed book 5 pg. 361, on May 12 1763 Enoch Conly sells 120 acres to John Cox for £20. Deed book 6, pg. 494 on Oct. 10, 1767 John Cox sells 120 acres £20 to William Mullings of Rowan Co., NC.

1767 Rowan Co, NC deed book 6, pg 492. Patrick Mullings - no wife- sells Moses Damron (both of Rowan Co.) for £35 60 acres on north side of Dan River. Wit: William Mullings.

1796 Patrick Mullins sold 200 acres on Jacobs Cr. To Robert Lomax of Guilford Co. (Also pgs 21 & 47 in 1788), Rockingham County. This is most likely Patrick Jr.


More About Patrick MULLINS I:

Tax List: 1755, Rowan County, NC

4 iii. John MULLINS I, born Abt. 1715; died Bef. June 16, 1783 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland, Virginia1. He married Elizabeth "Betty" CONOLLY2 in Goochland, Virginia; born Abt. 1725.

Notes for John MULLINS I:



The will of John Mullins of Saint James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia, was admitted to record 16 June 1783. It reads: "I lend to my beloved with Elizabeth Mullins all my personal estate until such time that my youngest son William Mullins shall come to be twenty one years old. I give to my beloved son John Mullins 315 acres of land, lying and being in the county of Albemarle on the waters of Moormans River. My will and desire is all the remainder of my estate be equally divided amongst the rest of my children hereafter named: Henry Mullins, Conerly Mullins, Ann Ewel, Anthony Mullins, Daniel Mullins, Jesse Mullins, Elizabeth Williams, Mary Mullins, William Mullins, David Mullins, and Francis Mullins. I do appoint and order my two sons Henry Mullins and Conerly Mullins and my well beloved friend James Allen Executors of this my last will and testament and trustees for my wife and children."

In Goochland County Deed Book 4, pages 418-420, a deed dated 14 Dec. 1798 between the heirs of John Mullins: "John Mullins and Agnes, his wife; Connely Mullins and Mary, his wife; Anthony Mullins; David Mullins and Rosanna, his wife; Jesse Mullins and Elizabeth, his wife; William Mullins; Daniel Mullins; Rice Ennes and Francis, his wife, formerly Francis Mullins; Maxey Ewell and Anne, his wife, formerly Anne Mullins; Elizabeth Clements, infant daughter of Mary Clements, deceased, formerly Mary Mullins; Elizabeth Mullins; William Walton and Milley, his wife; Mary Jourdan formerly Mary Walton by Jeremiah Terrel and Joshua Jordan, her attorneys in fact; Jeremiah Terrel and Louisa, his wife, formerly Louisa Walton; Achilles Walton and others, the heirs of Jesse Walton, deceased; Charles Cobb and Ann, his wife, formerly Ann Walton; William Walton Burk, heir of Betsy Burk, formerly Betsy Walton, and the legal representatives of Susannah Hilton, formerly Susannah Walton. These being legal distributees of John Mullins, deceased..." and George Holman, for 1,080 pounds, about 400 acres in Goochland County and St. James Parish.

Henry Mullins had died and his heirs are apparently listed under the name Walton in this deed. From "Genealogical Abstracts From 18th Century Newspapers" by Robert K. Headley Jr., "Henry Mullins, deceased, executors, John & Conoly Mullins of Goochland will sell all his negroes and rent his plantation, about 3 miles from Cartersville. 9 Oct. 1798."


More About John MULLINS I:

Will Dated: September 06, 1772, Goochland, Virginia3

Notes for Elizabeth "Betty" CONOLLY:


In a book titled "Facets of Goochland (Virginia) County's History by Helène Barret Agee, publication date smeared out on my copy, beginning on pg. 119: (this is in the chapter on Episcopal Churches, and is referring to the Lickinghole Episcopal Church)

"An unsigned and undated record in the Canonical Parish Register, St. James-Northam Parish states 'now burying ground on River Road about 400 yards west of Whittle Creek on right hand,' This record also give the following incomplete statement: 'Whereas no deed of conveyance by John Mullins, deceased, was ever executed, etc.... This record was obviously made many years ago and it is possible that the writer intended to complete the sentence at some future time.

"On file at Goochland Clerck's Office is a deed dated November 21, 1801, executed by Elizabeth Mullins, widow of Connely Mullins, conveying to Thomas Pemberton and Joseph Pollard, Church Wardens, 'one acre of land on which the church now stands."


More About Elizabeth "Betty" CONOLLY:

Tax List: 1789, Goochland, Virginia

5 iv. Matthew MULLINS II4, born December 05, 1720 in Goochland, Virginia; died 1810 in Albermarle, Virginia. He married Mary MAUPIN; born 1723 in Hanover County, Virginia; died 1800 in Goochland County, Virginia.

Notes for Matthew MULLINS II:



29 Mar 1747 - Albemarle County, Virginia - Lebanon Church - Formal Call Made

to Revd Samuel Black

The following is a copy of the call and the signatures subscribed thereto:

Ivy Creek, March 29th, 1747. Whereas it is agreed or purposed that the

inhabitants of Ivy Creek and the Mt. Plain congregation join together with the

congregation of Rockfish to call, and invite the Revd Mr. Samuel Black, now

residing in the bounds of the Revd John Craig's congregation, to be our

minister and pastor, to administer the ordinances of the Gospel among us all.

We, whose names are herewith prefixed, do promise and oblige to pay yearly and

every year the the several sums affixed to our names for the outward support

and encouragement of the said Mr. Samuel Black during his abode and

continuance among us for the one half of his labors in an administration to

Gospel ordinances to us, in an orderly way according to the rules and practice

of our orthodox reformed Presbyterian church as witness our hands. (Among the

56 members who donated is the name of MATTHEW MULLINS, his donation, 5

shillings, 6 pence. (Albemarle Co. Hist. Soc.)

28 Apr 1752--A plot of 190 acres on the east end of Buck's Elbow on the south

side of the Moorman River. Surveyed for Matthew Mullins 28 Apr 1752. Signed:

William Cabell, assigned surveyor. (Plot map shows 190 acre tract with

irregular boundaries, totaling about 10 sides.) SOURCE: Albemarle County,

Survey Book

5 May 1755--Land adjacent to Daniel MAUPIN, John MULLINS and Robert Miller.

This is a plot of 92 acres in Albemarle County lying on the branches of the

Mooremans (sp) River. Surveyed for Matthew MULLINS 5 May 1755 by John Staples,

assigned Surveyor. Source: Albemarle County, Virginia, Survey Book #1, p. 328


Sep 1758--Henning's Statutes, Volume VIII, page 203, show that Matthew Mullins

and his two sons, John and William, served with the Virginia Militia during

the French and Indian War.

10 Mar 1763--Albemarle County, Matthew MULLINS sold land to William MAUPIN

10#'s; South side of Mooremans River; ca 190 acres. (Source: Va. Mag., Va.

Hist. Soc.)

1769--Clifton first lived at the foot of Buck's Elbow on a place he bought in

1769 from Matthew MULLINS and afterwards sold to Cornelius MAUPIN. (Source:

WOODS History of Albemarle County, VA.)


More About Matthew MULLINS II:

Military service: 1776, Sergeant US Army Revolutionary War, Virgina

6 v. William MULLINS, born 1721 in Hanover County, Virginia.

7 vi. Thomas MULLINS, born Abt. 1723. He married Mary Ann HARRIS; born Abt. 1725.

Notes for Thomas MULLINS:


In 1757, Book 2 of Rowan County, NC, pg. 217 recorded on October 15 1757: Patrick Mullings Sr. and wife Mary sell 120 acres on south side of Dan River for £10 to Enoch Conoly. Witnessed by Thomas Mullin and Noble Lad, and proved by Noble Lad, Oct. 1757





1. John Mullins I - Will, (Recorded on June 16, 1783, Saint James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia).

2. The Douglas Register, Pg. 258.

3. Goochland County, Virginia, (Deed Book 4, pages 418-420, dated December 14, 1798).


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